Christianity and Capitalism

It is not 100% correct, but Turd’s “interpretations” are even not 20% correct. They are based on lies, on bias, on hate, on racism, on resentment, and on lies again. He is fighting a fight against history, against Germans as if he had just declared WW3 on Germany. That has nothing to do with this thread.

Do not believe in agitators. They chosse some historical facts (for example: 20%) out of the historical context and glue them and their ideology together. That is not how scientific history works.

In all my posts here in this thread I was referring to all historical facts that are necessary in order to answer the question in the opening post of this thread. It has been proven that the economy of the Occident (the Christian Occident is meant!) can only be based on both Germanic peoples and Christianity, namely Roman Catholic and later also Protestantic Christianity. Belisar (Turd was talking about) had nothing to do with it, because he was a Byzantine, an Orthodox Christian, thus a man of the Orient (East Europe and West Asia). This was how the Europeans divided the world at that time as well as later and how they divide it today too: West and East. (And by the way: I am not against people of the East - the mother of my daughter is Greek, and my current wife has lived in Greece for 12 years).

Turd (Contra-Nietzsche) is an US American. He himself told me last year. Do not believe in his lies. He is telling lies over lies. And he is confusing this lies with cynism. That is rediculous.