Christianity and Capitalism

@ Turd.

Even the Roman empire had its German Caesar, for example one of the Franks. More and more Germans became high military generals in the Roman army. The reason for all of this was the fact that the Romans had had no or too less offspring and to let more and more Germans into the empire - additionally there had been to German provinces in the Roman Emipre since Ceasar: Germania Inferior and Germania Superior. This Germans became either Romans or remained Germans. So the whole thing in the Roman empire during its last 5 centuries was the fact that the Romans had not enough children anymore - beacuse of wealth. It was the same problem the Europeans have today. (It was also a reason why I referred to this time when responding to Ierrellus’ opening post of this thread.) After Rome was conquered by the Germans there was no single territory - except in East Europe which was a steppe and Byzantium, although it had also many German inhabitants. There was a treaty between them. This all is well documented, also the fact that Augustus tried to prevent by law (LEX JULIA, 14 B.C.) that the Romans in his empire died out. After Rome was conquered there was no single place in Europe that was not ruled by Germans. Shall I name all the German kings of the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the whole Europe? That would be a very long list. Go and google it, pupil. You have not the tiniest idea of history. Read your science fiction books, watch Hollywood popaganda, and dream on, Turd. During the whole Middle Ages the Holy Roman empire of German Nation was the main power. One can say that the whole Occidental culture is a German culture. The nations as we know them today were formed later when the main power changed more and more to the side of the sea power, and the German Hanse was also a great sea power. Sir Francis Drake was a robber, but he was also ennobled by the queen of England. Why? … So we have to ask whether robbery is also a great business and a form of economy.

These are facts, reagardless whether a Turd accepts them or not.

The Roman empire was not conquerd by your Niegrian friends, Turd. If you want to change the history, then you must be more powerful than you are, little warrior. You are not God. And the Africans have no possibility of producing like other people have. Ask yourself why that is also a fact. The US Americans have been having the most responsibility in the world since 1945. So you have a huge duty but do not care about it. You want but you do not need to fight against history. Search for another enemy but let the history alone, Turd.