Civil organism theory:

My theory is that civilization is very similar to an individual body.

Communications technologies are the neurves of this creature.
Each nation is an individual sort of organism.
Each civilian is a cell of the creature.
Each organization or institution is an organ of the creature.
Things like thievs and con-artists are the viruses, parasites and cancer of the ‘body’.

Global democracy is on its way, and at the root, this is mostly because of the way that mass communications have advanced in civilization.

Some new form of government [better then decomcracy] will probably evolve, then exist in the future – eventually.

Once the unity and connections are strong enough, humanity itself will basically be able to be considered [by some] as a vast organism.

As technology advances faster and faster – in the future, I would predict that each planet will be able to sustain a far-higher population then they usually could sustain, and also – the planets that become fully colonized will be able to be called “organisms”. Once enough planets are colonized, each planet will then count as a ‘cell’ in the organism, and galaxies will be the organism, not just single planet populations anymore.

That’s the direction in which I think civilization is headed. I think that it’s like a big evolving blob full of “good” and “bad” elements – that will evolve expotentially and become more united and wide-spread with time.

The idea of society or a state being an Organism is a common analogy in political science…A prime example of this is Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan! (A rather complex, dull piece of writing, old english can be so long winded and at times painstaking).

Viewing that state as some kind of body is a good way to understand politics…the political machinery…i.e. Brain, chest, heart, arms, feet…all specific branches of the machine of government…

Your idea of planets becoming organisms and forming into cells is quite imaginative…and the conclusion would be…that the Universe is a gaint brain…a gaint head…the head of God perhaps…


It all depends if technology ever makes our species into an interconnected hive.

Would you prefer a hive existence to an individual existence?

The internet has done allot for how connected humans can be.

Hive existence…can we stretch that to…community existence?

I’m all for developing between human communities…right after dinner…tomorrow…

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