Class is...

Doing things to improve the lot of humankind, not for recognition.

True! We all know that! Wouldn’t it be great if more of us did that - including me! :confused:

So class is…being unselfish!

but wouldn’t knowing that you are classy make it a selfish act, in a sense of becoming classy, or even the classyist. lol, wouldn’t that defeat your definition of class?

Part of it is also not knowing that you are being classy.

Then you most be born with the “art” of being classy, sense no one can change there life to become classy, because they would know of the change, and ofcourse know of becoming classy. So you can’t really have people become more classyier, having only to rely on our children, and their children. (Maybe, maybe not)

Not necessarily.


So how do you get people to change, becoming more classy, without revealing to them of there very change? Changing without them knowing of their change. Hiding the very thing you are trying to do! How can it be done, without telling them to change, just having them do it? :confused:

That’s where inspiration and idealism come in, that’s why we need great leaders of vision.

Class is a mastery of sophisticated social skills, including any/all of the following: speech, dance, comedy, storytelling, love-making, musicianship, athletics, martial arts, etc… and the absence of lewd, abrasive, oafish, or unruly behavior, as described by the ‘Ways of the Gentleman’.

an excerpt from “The Official Guide of Pimps, Playas, and Hustlas”
– Book IV Chapter 6: Maintaining Class in the Direst of Circumstances

Class is when you’re unaffected by things that should be unimportant in life but which you have mistaken to be so.

Class is when you can go past people’s status in life and give equal respect to both the waiters in your favorite restaurant and the corporate executives.

class is dismissed… go play on the swings…