Clinton interview on Fox

Did anyone watch the Clinton interview done for Fox news? I don’t watch TV, but I saw it on the 'net.

Clinton made some good points about the fact that
fox news is the media arm of the republican party.
Clinton is also right about the fact that no one from
fox news has gone after the bush administration for
its clear cut incompetence in going after bin laden.
Or has anyone from fox news actually had the balls
to ask the hard questions of bush, chaney, rummy, or
any of the other criminals of the bush administration.
Didn’t think so.


I frankly have no idea, Pete- I don’t watch television. Presumably you must be including ABC, NBC, CBS, etc in your tirade? I was referring more to the actual interview than your well know liberal biases. The thing I thought was amazing was how unhinged Clinton was. In all the years he’s been a public figure I’ve never seen him so uncomposed, so rattled…at times he was raving like a deranged person. Odd that he’d be so thin skinned, especially since the question seemed pretty fair.

Overall I thought the interview was interesting. Clinton himself is fascinating in a way, and this interview was the usual mix of intelligent, well formed arguements and bald-faced lies. I give him high marks for parleying his fame into some worthy social causes. :slight_smile:

This may be true. Personally, I think the Democratic Party does not have media arms, but numerous media outlets that are its “legs of the millipede”. I am not bothered or threatened by this. I almost despise the pretext of “objective” reporting.

Well, if your first point is true, why make the second. It’s a waste of time. If Fox is the ‘media arm of the republican party’ why would it attack Bush regarding his incompetence. That would be stupid of Fox to do. Either you’re the media arm of the Replubican party or you’re not. If you are the media arm of the Republican party, better not to criticize it.

There is no such thing as objective reporting! It’s a mythical creature, like the unicorn.

Nearly every bit of information we receive through media gets filtered through several subjective humans before it reaches us.

I repeat, there is no such thing as objective reporting!

As liberal as nearly every other news outlet is, (CNN, NPR, ABC, NBC, The Times, etc etc) one would think it would almost be mandatory to have at least one source with a conservative bias!

Show me evidence of this liberal bias.

None of them have reamed into Bush the way they did Clinton.

Heck, Dean Broder (Dean of the national press corp) admitted that he had it out for Gore!

Liberal bias? Where?

The media bends over backwards to avoid being accused of that.

A Measure of Media Bias

I used to live outside of Boston, where there are two major dailies. One is liberal (the Globe) and one is conservative (the Herald). If you read both regularly, as I have done, you need only look at the headlines, comparing similar stories - sometimes the very same story - verbatim from the wire - to see the biases. This is patently obvious to anyone who tries to examine this issue. Patently. You don’t need a study - you need one good eye.


I can pull out a paper that says there is no significant bias (though an insignificant bias towards repubs):

like this one

The above journal deals with communications, as opposed to a thesis(?) paper from the UCLA department of Economics (Economics departments tend to be right leaning)

I’d also recommend Eric Alterman’s book “What Liberal Media?” for futher study on this topic.

The abstract does not indicate which side benefits from the “small, measureable…biases”.

(Emphasis mine.)
There is a charge to read the article, and I don’t want to pay it. If you have a copy and can quote the portion which indicates where the lean is, I would appreciate it.

Those in the communications field would hardly be unbiased. They have a vested interest in proving there is no, or little, bias in the media. Your article’s findings, COINCIDENTALLY, prove exactly what those involved in communications would want to prove.

I don’t believe so. Here are the CVs of the authors:
Tim Groseclose
Jeff Milyo

The article was co-authored. Milyo is from the Political Science department at Missouri. I suppose political science departments tend to be right leaning as well. :wink: I’ll ask you the question you asked: You gotta any proof to back up your claim?

In MO I wouldn’t be too surprised if the poli sci departments were as red-shifted as the rest of the state.

In the article 5/8 of the metrics they chose had a negative (conservative) bias, but not a significant one.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.,_2006

I guess I’ll take your word for it. :confused:

There is no such thing as unbiased reporting of anything in our news outlets. There are some that try to present the alternative side of an issu, admitting their particular bias. Everything is seen from a perspective point. At that, there is no longer bias, just a point of view.
It is only bias when you disagree… :laughing:

yopele:A Measure of Media Bias
Do the major media outlets in the U.S. have a liberal bias? Few questions evoke stronger opinions, and we cannot think of a more important question to which objective statistical techniques can lend their service. So far, the debate has largely been one of anecdotes (“How can CBS News be balanced when it calls Steve Forbes’ tax plan ‘wacky’?”) and untested theories (“if the news industry is a competitive market, then how can media outlets be systematically biased?”).

K: so far so good.

Y: Few studies provide an objective measure of the slant of news, and none has provided a way to link such a measure to ideological measures of other political actors. That is, none of the existing measures can say, for example, whether the New York Times is more liberal than Tom Daschle or whether Fox News is more conservative than Bill Frist. We provide such a measure. Namely, we compute an ADA score for various news outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Drudge Report, Fox News’ Special Report, and all three networks’ nightly news shows.

K: and what is the ADA score? They are judging bias based on
a biased report.

Y: Our results show a strong liberal bias. All of the news outlets except Fox News’ Special Report and the Washington Times received a score to the left of the average member of Congress. And a few outlets, including the New York Times and CBS Evening News, were closer to the average Democrat in Congress than the center. These findings refer strictly to the news stories of the outlets. That is, we omitted editorials, book reviews, and letters to the editor from our sample."

K: Now we are getting a fuck up report. Because the “AVERAGE”
congressmen is far more conservative then they used to be.
The entire congress has shifted rightward. You don’t have the
moderate republicans you used to get. So you are based this
report on a very biased group (biased right) and that biased
creates a shift. You can’t get a unbiased report based on a biased


“Reality has a well-known liberal bias”

Sorry, I’m having trouble with the cut-and-paste function with adobe on the library computer. It has an ancient version of adobe reader and I don’t have admin privilages. Sorry :frowning:

Though it does look like MO is a little more purple than I thought.

Peter, I don’t want to try to defend the findings of the paper because I am neither a political scientist nor an economist. I just produced it as the evidence Xunzian requested.

I will say that if you think the politicians in Washington are too conservative, then you need to take that up with the people that voted them in. I basically agree with what Tentative and Faust have said - the biases are easy to spot. But they are also subjectively determined. I’ve noticed that many “conservatives” tend to think that if Bush isn’t being praised, then the media are out to get him. While many “liberals” think that if a flattering word is said about Bush, then there exists a conservative bias.

I know where you stand on the issue.

Your bad luck that he wasn’t from Kansas. :smiley:

I was so sure I was gonna nail you using the public’s view on Stem cell research, but 63% of MO is for it.


Okay, Membrain. There is one journalist who speaks the unadulterated truth.

But that’s only one.