Closing Time

I’m about to fall asleep.

The only reason I’m writing this is so that I don’t.

I can’t fall asleep yet. My day at work is not done.

See this is why I love this job, it gives me the chance to be alone with my own thoughts. A chance to write quaint little peices like this one you’re reading right now.

When I get home it’s another story, I couldn’t tell you right now if when I walk through those doors, my spouse will be happy or displeased with me… or worse, neither. It hurts when I recieve no praise, no acceptance… no love, no meal… nothing. Isn’t what I do here important? Isn’t it for the right cause? Why should I be treated this way… why did I marry the way I have?

I don’t like going to work, but once I get there I have to say that I feel; that’s more than can be said of my home. I often think that I dislike work simply because I’ve telling myself to.

I’m watchin the clock now. Could the second hand tick any slower? Holy Frig let me out of this building, the rules, the structure. I just want to be driving with the window down and some music pumpin.

One of the suits just told me I’m to leave now. This is a little early…

Oh well… time to go home.

Are you married?