CNN suspends Cuomo indefinitely

and I have no problem with this… unlike my conservative friends,
I believe corporations can hire, fire and suspend as they deem necessary…
as long as they don’t break the law, they are well within their rights
and I am not going to whine about this being “cancel” culture…
the first amendment has no right in this particular matter…


i dont know who that is but yeah no one is owed a job

LOL, you retards have been lying and lied to for 5 years straight, and you’re still too stupid to figure it out!

i dont know who cuomo is

That seems to be the fact. One of the primary announcers lying to them got fired - but it is okay because it came from on-high (the primary source of all of the lying anyway). They can’t connect the dots concerning the lies they believe and the guy who gave them those lies getting fired. :laughing:

Chris Cuomo got fired from CNN ONLY because CNN fell into legal jeopardy for their participation in Chris and Andrew Cuomo’s maleficence (former governor of New York State). The term of dismissal was announced as “indefinite” so they could hire him back after the court settlements.

CNN appears to only hire criminals of one type or another and use them as speakers for their communist cause. They get sued time and time again - they lose money hand over fist - but they’re are backed by the authoritarian socialist billionaires - so they dare not do otherwise (same with O’Biden).

It is interesting that the entire ILP Commie Cult group have no idea who is running what (Xi Jinping, Andrew Cuomo, Prince Charles, Morrison, Soros, Johnson,…) - yet they are absolutely hardened on the idea that they are not being misled. =D>

i dont watch cnn

You are certainly not missing anything - few watch it anymore.

They have been merely a worse version of MSNBC (which gets far more distribution and replication into Europe). They are all just a big echo-chamber - each serves as the source of news for the others - truth being irrelevant.

That’s easy to say when it’s your (il)liberal norms being pushed.

But yea, private corporations can say, deplatform and censor whatever and whoever they like, if we don’t like it we can take our business elsewhere.
I may not like what they do, I may criticize it, but they’re still free to do it.

on a positive note, marcus lamb died of covid

I don’t watch CNN anymore, but when I did I thought Chris Cuomo was pretty decent. He was tough but fair. CNN probably wanted him gone because the Cuomo name was in the gutter because of his brother. They were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him after that. Can’t have a bad name working for them making them look bad, so he’s gotta go!

Kate Bolduan was my favorite. I miss watching her, but as I said, I don’t watch CNN anymore.