Cockboy and other boys...

Cock boy and other people…

Cock Boy! Your cock slide through my mouth, a little worm that I sucked with my eyes closed, and your head was small but hot, moist and smooth. We where completely ashamed of everything we did, so your identity will never be known, but your cock is now being read by everyone…
In the woods little stoned boys with sticks
Machete all the flower heads, rip off leaves
Break the stalks in half…
Little dirty secret!
Lying awake at night
Waiting for me to sleep
So you could masturbate
I was the youngest voyeur in the Class
I had all there clothes off in my head
I knew the shady safe patches deep in the parks…

I knew where no body walked there dog
I knew the biggest secret of the body
I knew where no other walked

I traced my hand along a naked body
I knew when the snap of a stick sounded terrifying…
I knew why no one walked to the woods anymore
I knew suspicious boys and where they walked.

I knew the shame of night time and the shame of sitting with family at ten years old…
I knew the treacle that sticks to every dark soul…how shameful! How silly!!

I knew how sensuality lay awake a night and dreamed of every body secretly and woke up in the morning with bouts of doubt and sure queer certain memories where dead…hopefully…

don’t tell the parents

tap on the wall

Meet me at the

I’ll play with you

Tell me, Colinsign, why do you write poems like that?

I assume you are talking about the “typographical placement” of the poems!

Why I do it I am not 100% sure…

I guess essentially what I am doing is a kind of poetry-notation! Notes, if you like, finished unfinished poems! And element of organic sprawl and slap dash notes which show the real working of mind!

But more honestly, I am lazy, I tend to write in a sporadic burst and trim and talior forever and ever amen!

What did you make of the content? :frowning:

It made me want to vomit.


Fair enough…I suppose the homosexual themes and suggestings where to much for your stomach! I guess the main themes where fundamentally - homosexual - but the central idea is relating to the secretive!

If it makes oyu feel better here is a slogan you may like


sleep easy brother

See I thought that it was because there is still a belief in God, that homosexuals still exist. Without this “we are all equal in the eyes of God” nonsense, the fags would be shot on the spot.

At least in my world, anyway.

Now wait, I’m not blaming the fags. I blame the parents. And until you provide evidence to show that homosexuality is genetic, I will continue to believe that it is a psychological deluge of magnificent proportions.

Alright, maybe that was a little harsh. We could put the homosexuals into a zoo/museum of sorts, so the world could study them.

Being a bit of a FAG myself i would rather not be caged in a zoo or killed!

Sad thing’s have to happen!

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Have a look at Satyr’s post in the essays forum entitled “The Feminization of Man.”

I’ll tell you a little secret. When women become superior to men, through the subordination of the man by sexual power, the men become gay.

None of this is your fault, my friend. Its an error spanning hundreds of years and it has climaxed by the presence of Capitalism.

I think your talking rubbish.


So what part of secular humanism is in any way homophobic or otherwise critical of homosexuality in and of itself?
There are ways to see all human beings as equal in worth that do not invoke a supernatural justification.

Also when you consider that fundamentalist expressions of religion are frequently the most vocal critic of homosexuality, it does not make a lot of sense of attribute religion as the singular source for the continued existence of homosexuality.

right… capitalism creates fags…

viva la revolution! let the workers unite and work on that fag…

karl and stalin would be proud

communism crushes capitalist poofers… cccp anyone?


Xanderman, I’ll deal with you tomorrow. Right now I’ve got a fag to fix, and he takes priority.

Imp, go read some Hume. Anyway, I can’t understand what you are saying because of an inductive failure to reach a tacit agreement about the meaning of your communicative efforts.

A fag to fix?

Who said I need fixing? Who said I don’t love women?

Who made you GOD?

I am perfectly fine!

de’trop, you are so full of shit.

I think there are many factors contributing to the development of /any/ sexual orientation.

As I heard Dr. S once say, and which is also found in the ‘exotic becomes erotic’ type theories… heterosexuality is just another fettish. No different from homosexuality. You think yours (debatable, but don’t take that as an insult) is justified 'cause the majority have no problem with it.

So leave the poor boy alone.

And if he doesn’t, colinsign, I got your back.

I brought up the subject with the POEM! You always get this sort of reaction I guess…maybe there is some truth to it…everyone always think they have the ACTUALLY ANSWER TO THE PINGPONG OF THE ABYSS…

Often all this intellectualising gets us nowhere
Which is a town like another other…

Fear not - a lot of the people only this site simply have too much time on their hands to argue! I just write poor human prose!

If I am a degenerate, a mutation, an abomination - so be it! If I am unaware of my own pathology my own psychological deluge - so be it! My sexuality is something I have never been friviulous or SHOWY with, nor is it something I define lightly.

Truth - utter the word homosexuality, utter the word bisexuality - one is inevitably FLUNG into the zoology of the STEREOTYPE.

If -whoever- knew me in real-time as a real-time person they certianly would not think - Je, this boy, he is so evidently a mutation!

detrop sunk to the level of a goldfish in my eyes.
you seem to lack any sort of intelligence, unless of course you are kidding and are proving a point…which seems unlikely.

i dont like detrop.

sorry, colinsign :blush:

one thing I am concerned with, though… I have to say, is the ‘sad things have to happen’ theme… is this the child molestor’s rationalization?.. “I’m not introducing any sadness that wasn’t going to happen eventually”… you say relating to the secretive… but it (the poem) sure sounds incestual or friend-of-the-family molestor-ish, to me… but more from the point of view of the one molested… repeating things told to or experienced by him/her (at ten years old).

what is “treacle”? I’ve never heard of it.

Why do you say that?

If you are the one who actually experienced these things, I think your poetry is a very interesting way to deal with it (though I’m not sure if that’s how you see it… I’m not sure if I’m right, here). It doesn’t make me want to vomit… but it does make me sad.

Sickening as the faggy stuff was, apparently in this poem the faggy stuff is happening among 10 year olds. I mean, isn’t that enough to make a person puke too, or is that just all taken for granted as a part of the fag thing?

embracestrees… I like de’trop, alot. He is highly intelligent. He is not kidding. But, there’s more to him than he even knows. Which is kind of weird for me to say, but there you go.

But, I still think I needed to say “De’trop, you’re full of shit” and all that other crap. I hope he knows by now I mean well.

– Uccisore

Geezus. It is not uncommon for children to take it upon themselves to explore their private parts… sometimes alone… sometimes together… sometimes with the opposite sex… sometimes with the same sex.

The “fag” word (as a reaction) is a social construction they (mostly) don’t learn until later – and if it does not correspond with their experiences… what a clash with the world they will have.

What doesn’t kill them, though… :evilfun: makes them stronger.