coincidence, coincidence...

Hmmm…interesting how Allawi waited until after Bush was re-elected to admit his country’s going to hell. If I didn’t know better I’d say the man’s a puppet.

That can’t be, of course…Cheney said so.

Americans are stupid, ignorant, herd. Bush and Bush people are fucking with our minds. They have puppets all over the world on Bush payroll. The Arab royalty swimming in oil still receives money from the U.S. government for upkeep and allowance.

uh…scuze me…49% of us voted against Bush.

Next time I’m in Europe I’m definitely posing as Canadian.

49% ??? Well, then, double-mindfuck !!
Forty-nine percent and still not enough to defeat Bush!

isn’t democracy wonderful?


Canadians are americans in drag !!

arendt wrote

eat shit! we are not. :imp:

Trix the Canadian wrote

Oooh! sensitive.