Common Sense

“Science is simply a refinement of ordinary thinking.”

Ordinary thinking is common sense. Common sense says, through science, that the human activity of six billion people is causing climate and environmental change. It’s just common sense.

If it is not common sense or ordinary thinking its ideology. It is ideology and foolishness to think that the activity of six billion is not causing changes in the weather and our environment.

Logical fallacy out the wazooo. This is basically saying “Everyone knows it’s true.”

The majority knows it’s true!

and the majority jumps off the cliff…


Yeah, off the cliff into that horrible pit of cleaner rivers, streams, and oceans. Falling through cleaner skies filled with birds whose diet isn’t toxic, into sludge-free water with fish that aren’t too mercury-laden to eat. What a quagmire of beauty these environmentalists are getting us into, assuming they’re wrong about global warming. Assuming.

that’s right. kill off the humans who do nothing but poison the pristine planet.


Yeah because environmentalism has the best track history, it hasn’t been one doomsday claim after another after another after another based on half science.

The global warming claims/doomsday claims are once again exactly, exactly that. Not that global warming isn’t happening but the effects are over-exaggerated and some of the information is drawn from info which doesn’t support the claims. Like talking about ice melting without ever admiting the fact that the ice always goes through cycles of melt/re-frost.

real environmental science without the doomsday claims/groups that fill most environmental circles is obviously important though.

nuclear winter wasn’t that long ago to forget how full of shit they can be t hough.

Common sense also says that one should not lend money to people who can’t pay it back. Nevertheless, loans were made to these people in order to enhance Bush’s “ownership society”. Now we have the “blowback” of this practice, the sub-rime debacle, with the hallowing out of communities all over America.

Sometimes common sense is not listed to because there are those who think it doesn’t make any sense.

How that is connected to the original topic, I do not understand.

However, your claim that the majority knows that humans are ruining the earth is false. Yes, the planet is getting warmer. Is that all our fault? No. Our contribution is fairly limited to the overall heating of the earth.

Maytacera, can’t you get your head around it? The topic is common sense!

Yes, I know that. However, the first was not an example of common sense, and the second seemed more like a random “Bush is a loony” post than anything else.

You just haven’t presented very much to talk about in the way of common sense.

I can’t help it that you don’t get it or see the core of the post.