Commutation granted for Scooter Libby

Why would Bush do that? Doesn’t he trust his underlings to give out sentences capably?

The incident itself, and the fact that you guys aren’t marching in the street over it, supports something I’ve been saying for quite a while: America is becoming more like Canada.

It doesn’t get much more egregious than this, commuting the sentence of someone in your administration who was convicted of obstruction of Justice in a criminal inquiry into your administration. A Criminal inquiry that was investigating treason, no less.

Then spinning the commutation in a way that slaps every American in the face as well as undermines the legislator and judicial system.

All of which in effect gives not only you, but your entire political hydra complete immunity against the judicial process, thus negating an important part of checks and balances…The definition of dictator/tyrant ect… quickly approaches…