Comprehensive Sex Education

Should Children be Taught CSE?

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Comprehensive Sex Education - CSE - is what they are calling the distribution and promotion of pornography in elementary schools. It is being promoted in the US child education system along with CRT and other anti-American - anti-Western agenda. It educates on when and how to masturbate, how to have interracial sex, homosex, and how to avoid blame or shame concerning it. Even though the vast majority of US citizens oppose the agenda - a question remains - “Should it be taught to children?”

It appears to be accepted across the entire world that children should be largely isolated from sexually provocative activities - even the Communists disallow it (and that is saying something). So even in complete ignorance it is safe to assume that it is a bad thing - but exactly why is it bad? What harm does it actually - in the real world - do? I am certainly not claiming that it is harmless - but I don’t see much being said about what the actual ontological harm really is - and now it is becoming a serious issue - even more than before.

Obviously the parent citizens in the US are opposing the communist party’s undermining push to destroy any moral fiber - and a part of that agenda is to secretly promote sexual activity in the very young. But is that actually a bad thing - and why?

What happens to America - happens to the world.

Should the West fully accept youthful pornography in elementary schools as a part of its managed decline into Global order?

I meant this to be about kindergarten level schooling - not above.
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K: a reminder this is written by a non American… with no idea what is actually
happening on the ground, you know, in America…this person simply takes the
latest crap from Faux News and repeats it here as facts/evidence…just the
latest in Faux news lies and Observe, being really gullible, believes everything
he is told on Faux news…or as they say, Caveat Emptor…


Reminder that I am an American, and do know what’s happening on the ground,
And they are peddling pornography in grade schools, teaching kids how to suck dicks, and castration.
They are also teaching American children how to be Anti-American, America-Hating Communists, into little PKs.

All Americans should begin arming themselves for the coming Uncivil War.

Communists responsible for feeding children pornography, like PK, need to be held accountable.

I have reason to believe that keter propotkin is running a sex trafficking ring out the grocery store he works at.

Listen at 1:20 mark,


I am willing to bet good money that the reason Observe is all about this, is
because there was some sort of “special report” on education on Faux news which listed
in great details, but no facts or evidence, all about the current state of education
which is about sex education… and being a good little soldier he is, Observe hopped
right on it…I just wonder who it was, tucker maybe, he is a proven liar…

the reason I know I am right is because Observe has nothing, neither the imagination nor
the intelligence to come up with this sex ed thing on his own…so he got it
from Faux News…and hoisted on us…and BTW, he isn’t an American… so yet again,
another lie…


and here it is… a special report by someone named Bret Baier on
Oct 29, 2021 called… "Sex for Kindergarteners’’

That was easy money…


It puts pressure on people’s minds. It makes it difficult for people (particularly men) to figure out what needs to be done. Basically, it distracts. And I am of the opinion that every stimulus that has a high potential to distract should be sufficiently – not necessarily completely – limited. And that applies to sexual stimuli too. That’s why women shouldn’t be encouraged to dress provocatively whenver they want (such as at work.) So the effect seems to be entirely a psychological one – and a very subtle one at that – and for that very reason difficult to spot and acknowledge.

Sexual drive is one of those drives that, rationally speaking, and given the times we’re living in, should go down. This means that we [men] shouldn’t feel a sexual desire for any random attractive woman we see. Thus, whatever immediately surrounds us should encourage us towards attaining this end. Promoting sexual activity, however, does precisely the opposite. It not only makes it impossible for people to decrease their sexual drive, it actually increases it. And the only reason someone would want that – it seems to me – is to produce an irrational sex-crazed generation that can easily be controlled.

Imagine being too stupid to realize that you’re defending and gaslighting on behalf of pedophiles…

So the ILP California communist finally learned to do a little (very little) research.

Fox News has been far far more accurately reporting news than MSM for the last decade or more - but there is also -

  • The Epoch Times
  • Washington Post
  • OAN
  • Sky News AU
  • RSBN
  • Daily Caller
  • Newsmax
  • — and others

Usually after I tell you blokes about it - within a week or so it shows up in all of those networks - and months later - very hidden and quietly - even in MSM (never apologizing for their denials and lies).

Maybe in another 10 years he will finally learn what was happening back during this time - better much too late than never - maybe.

Not sure what to absolutely and positively believe about sex education?

You have two options:

1] Join the Coalition of Truth and find out
2] don’t join and take your chances with what you believe now

On the other hand, if what you do believe now is not the same as obsrvr524 – and all 523 truthers before him – you are likely to be a Communist and will burn in Hell for all of eternity.

Or you can enlist in the COT today and one day join James S. Saint in Heaven with the Real God. [-o<

Besides, you don’t want to be observed, do you?

Think KGB.

And how’s that for irony!!!

And though it isn’t on Fox News yet - I think we are going to soon be hearing about Dr Fauci’s NIH drug experiments on AIDS orphans in New York - we’ll see.

Other… from 14 to 15

K: ah, so much wrong its hard to start…every news source you listed, is a far right wing
news source… and you trust these because they fit into your narrative… or to say it
another way, they confirm your already existing bias and prejudice… every right
winging says, don’t trust the media. they lie, they are fake news, you can’t trust them
all the way until it comes to extreme right wing media… and suddenly they are trustworthy
and the only possible source of true news around…if the mass media is fake news,
then media like faux news is also fake news…at least pretend to be consistent…
and thanks for confirming you are an Aussie… sky news AU is an Aussie, far, far
to the right, media…and I can’t get it in America… thus the only place you can watch
it is in… Australia…but we knew this already…thus once again, not an American…
you will of course say, I watch it… but that begs the question, why would
an “American” watch a channel that is exactly like faux news… you can just
watch faux news… no, only an Australian would watch Sky news AU…

man, you are really bad at this…


I really meant the “kindergarten” level - I should have made that clear. :smiley:

There is a good and very solid reason for that.

Today - probably not always true - the “right wing” is the rational, intelligent, sensible, conservative, sane, and most importantly - CONSTITUTIONAL - wing. So OF COURSE the right wing networks are going to be on the side of actual truth - whereas the left wing (having no scruples at all) are going to extremes to undermine and lie to everyone possible - it’s who they are - by definition - “liberated from any sense of guilt, morality, and reality itself”.

Today - a truthful network is naturally going to be a “right wing network” - almost by definition - because the left wing is - almost by definition - the lying power mad wing.

The issue and trick is about how to determine which networks are right (“truthful”) networks and which are left (“deceitful”) networks. The left wing networks claim to be non-partisan and totally honest - of course they lie. Those turned out - in the US - to be the mainstream media - MSM - networks.

MSM took the gamble that they could fool enough people all the time into believing they were being truthful and everyone else is merely a “conspiracy theorist” (which turned out to be an accurate theory). I think they are losing their gamble - and that is why they hate and try to defame the other networks so much.

As an example - the Jan 6 2020 socialist coup on the US capital is being proven to have been merely a false-flag event put on by the American communist FBI (the US version of the USSR’s KGB and the Nazi Gestapo). Slowly - over time - even though already apparent by any observer - the truth comes out - but the strategy is merely to do as much damage as possible before people realize they have been conned.

K: I am assuming you are attacking me… that is your MO…
which is interesting…you went from a dubious hit piece on
the most sued network in America… least we forget Hamnity…but I can’t
remember if it is because of the sexual lawsuits or the suit from
the dominion company?

anyway, you went from children’s sex education to ''defending
and gaslighting on behalf of pedophiles"

quite a leap of faith going from a pretend story, children’s sex
education, to spinning out another
pretend story… the defense and gaslighting pedophiles…

no wonder you like faux news… its all about creating works of fiction…
the fiction of the children sex education and the fiction of “defending
and gaslighting pedophiles” if you had any imagination, I would suggest
you leave Australia and go to Hollywood, but you have zip, nada imagination
of any kind…your posts are simply repetitive repeats of each other
with no change or adaptation involved… you still cling to me being
a communist… I’m not… but hay, if that helps you sleep at night…


K: but of course, you will be presenting evidence or facts to back this up, right?
nah, I love when people post fact free, evidence free posts… nothing to look up or research…
this is as close to being creative as you get… hay, bonus points for at least trying to
attempt some creative writing… but fiction is really best left to those in Hollywood…


Just be happy that at least someone is addressing you despite your extreme and gross ignorance.

Yep, he’s too stupid to realize he’s defending pedophiles.

Typical Commie