Compression and conversion avi > mov

I’ve downloaded myself a lecture series. The videos are each 30 mins long but they’re also almost 200mb each and because they’re only lectures i.e. not too visually intensive there seems to be ample room for compression. And on top of that I want to put them onto my ipod. But Apple are a complete pain in the arse, so my avi files won’t import into itunes as they are so I also need to convert them to mov.

What do you recommend for this task? Ideally I’d like to kill the two birds with one stone.

To compress and convert? Put a really heavy Bible on them.

I know a lot about this stuff, so feel free to ask me anything.

If you’re familiar with Apple, iTunes, and Quicktime you’ll know they’re the Devil incarnate and the Bible won’t do shit., click on Glossary.

I actually found a nice little program called 3gp converter. i now have my 200mb behemoths down to a nice little cosy 65mb ipod movie.