computer geeks?my comp is broken.........

My lap top is driving me mad…it is plugged in but it is using the battery for some reason and it doesnt recognize the power adapter…what do i do?


First, is there a light on the plug/charger? Check and see if it is lit when its plugged in. If it is, then the problem is not in the receptical or the cord.

Next, examine the cord that runs from the charger/battery pack to the computer- look for kinks or cuts in the cord. If there are none, chances are its carrying a current to the computer.

Then see if your computer has a setting where it might ignore the charger plug in. I doubt it, though.

The problem is most likely a connection issue in the port. I’d keep it plugged in and maybe tap the port lightly or wiggle the charger cord a little while its plugged into the computer.

yes the charger light is on but…where do i go to re-establish the charger power adapter thing? cause my computer says it doesnt recognize it. Argh…how do i trouble shoot, damn i suck at computers


This happened to me. Sometimes you need to take it in and have the connection looked at,. Mine needed a whole new receptical. Good luck!!