computer time.

how much of your day do you spend on the computer, and on ILP?

I spend probably 2 hours or less on the computer a day.

I have been online for five years, seven months, two weeks, four days, one hour, twenty-five minutes, thriteen seconds (not counting the time it took to type that).

I have mobile/portable computer components which I use. When I am stationary, I use a lap-top, when I am in motion, I use eye-glasses, mic, and ear-piece, which I designed. They are solar powered and water-proof, so I can take a shower, of course.

When I sleep, I shut down seventy-five percent of my brain, while the rest remains functioning so I can operate online.

I have been around the world and visited three hundred major coffee shops and eight hundred universities. Chances are I have stood right beside you in cognito, while coresponding to you online…and you didn’t even know.

Yes…I am the ghost in the machine.

Someone at ILP shouts: “no wonder your posts are so lame at night!”




Another shouts: “what posts? All he does is insult people!”


I take it your sleeping right now then… :wink:

A good couple hours everyday. Some reading philosophy, some homework, some surfing the net. Once you get into wiki, next thing you know, there’s like 19 tabs you’re looking at. Look for Nietzsche, and the next thing you know you’re reading a page about syphilis.

No kidding, and what pisses me off is everytime I look someone up, the information on the page has changed. On Marx’s page, Epicurus is no longer mentioned as an influence. What the hell? Epicurus was the mac and mentor of the young Marx, and provided the foundational outline of Marxist throught to come:

“Marx earned a doctorate in 1841 with a thesis titled The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature…”

I spend an absurd amount of time on the net. I’m not kidding. :astonished:

I do too. I post at 2 other forums and I mod one. The only reason why I have so much time to the computer is because I can’t get a job and I have to wait to get into university.