Concentration issues

Has anyone here had severe problems concentrating before and if so, have they found a way to deal with them?

I have a student taking a crucial IELTS exam next week who seems to have severe concentration issues. He needs quick fixes, quickly, or he’s going to be thrown out of the country.


Meditation, preferably Zazen


…or preferably all three

If it’s just life getting too much, stress-related busy head, I’d recommend a really exhausting workout every day. You sleep better and it burns off the residual stress - I don’t know what the mechanism is, but it works, also for anxiety. If it’s something more deep-seated, I’d guess Ritalin or something similar is the only short-term option.

Booze. Seriously. Not too much.

I noticed that sometimes I’m inclined to read and not talk to anyone and sometimes all I want do is communicate; talking, posting, or even just writing if I plan on posting it eventually. I assume if one goes through this cycle regularly they won’t even know about it. I spent over a year reading a lot and communicating very little. Eventually I could no longer concentrate. I tried a little exercising, which was better than nothing, perhaps an exhausting workout would have helped more. I also meditation but I couldn’t concentrate enough for that either. I didn’t know at the time that my problem is that I needed to communicate.

I would be hesitant to suggest his problem is the same as mine was, but you said you said he is from another country, which could imply that he has fewer chances to communicate with others. If this is the problem the long term solution is obvious, but for a quick fix he must be given opportunity to speak his mind to one or two listeners for several hours. The listeners should nod a lot and comments are ok but they need to be short. After telling them all the things that he has been keeping to himself for so long, both personal and intellectual, he will likely want to do nothing other than study and concentration will be easier. While people often spend all day making conversation, it does sound strange to arrange a one side conversation. It also may be strange to ask if lack of communication is his problem. Neither of those things are necessary; one or two people could just asked him several questions that are open to interpretation and require a long answer and see what happens.

It’s probaly more likely than not that this isn’t his problem, but I enjoy writing things like this.

So… what method/s did you use, and how did the exam go? Hope it went well BM :slight_smile:

I made him take vitamin supplements and regulate his sleeping patterns, based on some advice I got from a friend who’s a doctor. He says the exam went well, but the exam results are out on Friday, so we’ll see.