I was brought up Roman Catholic, and as such I have a certain attraction to the idea of semi-anonymous confession as a cathartic process. My confession of the day is the following:

I like to savage the egos of people who are stupid but think they are smart, and can’t resist spreading their stupidity and ignorance around in a deluded effort to protect their fragile self-image. I have done this at least twice tonight, and while I enjoyed doing it at the time, I felt dirty afterwards.

I’m kind of disturbed by how much I enjoy and savor doing this. Why can’t I just be nice and gently, neutrally point out the errors of the pretentious idiot, or say nothing at all? Am I a horrible person?

Okay, now let’s switch. Tell me your sins, my son…

I did much the same thing with a racist youth the other day, and have the same habit of taking a perverse pleasure from tearing into stupid people and stupid beliefs.

I’d like to be able to say with a straight face that it’s actually a moral action, to confront people with their flaws. But of course, whether or not it is a moral action depends entirely on the manner in which you make this confrontation take place. This is a consequentialist ethics, because if you make someone confront their flaws in an aggressive way then most of the time they will simply go away exhibiting the same flaw in an even more prominent way. If you do it in a subversive way then there’s a much higher chance of them actually changing themselves for the better, i.e. overcoming the flaw after having confronted it.

So I cannot maintain any moral high ground while doing this, unless I’m doing this in a subversive way. I’d say the same is true of your good self.

—Confession Ends—

I should wash the dishes more often.

I always feel guilty about almost everything.

The problem is when you are stuck in a world where the people around you don’t see things the way you do… it throws you into tough spots. It’s impossible to please both your opinion and others as well.

I’m imperfect.

I don’t feel guilty about anything :-$ … :D/

I don’t really think I do much that I need to feel guilty for, if I did, there wouldn’t be a good reason behind even doing it.

I spoke to my dog in a harsh tone the other day for chewing on my tennis shoe, I didn’t yell, but I spoke too harshly. I could’ve just said, “Rex, stop,” and he would have done so. That’s the worst thing I’ve done in a few dyas, I suppose.

Hmmm I am gonna have to run out and do something. I wanna confess too!

I can’t confess, its against my religion.

I work for the CIA and live onboard a small submarine.

To date, I have killed 427 people using my own bare hands.

Well I bet you are just so much fun to have at parties. Between the killings and smelling like reused canned air. Yippee! You must attract all the nicest girls :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I confess to fancying Kara-Louise off Big Brother, fit.

I’ll do anything it takes to get my way and I don’t care about anything else really at all.

:sunglasses: Anything? :sunglasses:

…as Hobbes thought until he gave money to a beggar

Anything else.

I have been unfaithful to my spouse.

Wow, I don’t feel any different than before this post.

A lot of times not doing something will make you feel more guilty than doing something.

Oh cool… Forgive me ,…I confess. I have not done anything to confess. :confused:

Now what?

I have a mathematics resit in a few days and my studying has been minimal. I’ll be feeling this one in the exam hall.

Well then you come back again and confess :smiley: