Congratulations gecota-mattei

Thank you Jikei, I appriciate that you were so kind as to make note of this occasion.

Cool! The posting of the beast! :evilfun:

Just like the Iron Madien song.

Aye, mon captain!


I dunno. Its French or something. It means friend, or gay sailor, or wine drinker or something…

Or maybe it’s both.

Two things I found out recently: 666 is the sum of the first seven primes, and is also the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel :slight_smile:

The roulette wheel thing is true, but the primes isn’t. Unless you mean something besides prime numbers.

once again i lol at gecota and Manifested talking so much together, for they are brothers and live in the same house

Talking face to face is too much work, besides we don’t really need to talk to each other, we’ve got that telepathy going.

Telepathy that makes sense I always thought you shared the same work ethic and sense of style. Brothers I thought only one was a Brother. The same house and yet so far away a whole dinning room. :evilfun: :evilfun:

What? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Why it makes sense to me. I read To look for spelling and grammer errors. I did not see any errors in the post. But see a how this is not my strongest suit I willing to take suggestions on how to make more clear for Gecota.

What is this about same work ethic? What are you trying to imply with that statement.

That you a very when you want to do something you both work hard and when you do not want to do some but have to your very lazy.

Everyone does that, how are we very lazy, and you aren’t? Why are we so lazy? What makes our laziness different from anybody else?

And another thing, why are you discussing this on this thread?