Congresspeople in some serious crap

reports out of Washington DC, say that several congresspeople lead
insurrectionist on tour of the capital the day before the Jan. 6 coup attempt…
in other words, the Congresspeople gave the insurrectionist a chance to
look at the next day field of action…while giving the insurrectionist
information about the capital…where are certain offices and what kind
of security is here or there…if a bank manager gave a tour to bank robbers
the day before a bank robbery by the same people, the manager would
be charged with aiding and abetting a bank robbery… and these members
of congress should be charged with at the very least insurrection…

and the other thing is the names of these people… they are the hard core
believers of IQ45…and each of them opposed the certification of the election…
and clearly they took that opposition into high gear…aiding and abetting
a coup attempt…

the list of shame and future prison inmates are…

rep. Louie Gohmert GOP- tx
Jim Jordan GOP- oh
Matt Gaetz GOP- FL
Lauren Boebert GOP -Co
Majorie Taylor Green GOP- Ga
Paul Gosar GOP- AZ
Andy Biggs GOP- az

and each of these have sounded off in the last few months about the
alleged Democrat theft of the election…

they are in some serious, serious trouble and facing many years in prison…


so, apparently from a French bitcoin account, over 500,000 dollars
was sent out to various right wing groups here in the U.S… this was on
Dec. 6… so we now know that the coup attempt in the U.S was paid
for on Dec. 6 by an account from France… in other words, we can
use terrorism charges against these people because they were funded
by an party/parties outside the U.S…we don’t have any type of domestic
terrorism charges that will work in this instance… but money coming from
overseas to fund a coup attempt… the entire patriot act was set up for
this type of funding for terrorism…

so we are beginning to get the details, the funding, the names,
we need to know who exactly planned it… because the FBI has
already said, that the coup attempt was clearly planned…

the plot thickens… so, I am guessing the planning and money
comes from… Putin…to keep his favorite lap monkey
in power… this isn’t going to end well for a whole lot of people
in DC especially ones with the letters, GOP after it…


in the next few days, IQ45 is going to pardon whole shitload of people…
the interesting question shall be, does he pardon anyone on the above list?
or perhaps including other congressmen or senators? what crimes could
they have committed that needs to be pardon?

I would suggest that if he pardon any congress or senators, that they
are part of the conspiracy to overthrow the government… why else do they
need pardons for?