Consciousness is not what you think it is: … 94DE404482

When someone is “unconscious” they are “more conscious”, more aware, because consciousness IS a form of duality. Dualistic beings, fussion beings and chaos beings are all different, it’s hard for them to effect eachother due to their existential formats becoming non-relative.

DNA is the special chemical energy signature locking our soul to our body. Our souls energy is then reflected through our brain. Perpendicular resistance of energy from stored energy(matter) changes the energy according to the medium it is reflected through. Each brain section has a different chemical energy signature, responding to different spiritual energies differently.

There are no dualities! Consciousness is a higher form of awareness experienced by organisms with brains. Consciousness has states. Awareness does not. States of consciousness include dreaming, drug induced visions, experiences of ESP, NDE’s, archetypal realizations, subconscious imput, etc.
Duality is made by supposing there is some line of demarcation between physical drives and needs and between mental considerations of those. Prove to me this dividing line exists and I’ll consider dualism possible.

Being ‘conscious’ as opposed to being ‘unconscious’ is simply the level of awareness one has about his/her own existence.

ESP? Space and time are a side effect of matter. We are just matter according to you, therefore bound to space and time.

Matter, by virtue of evolution, is unbound and ultimately conserved as energy, a shift in stucture, not in essence. "Just matter’ is a misinterpretation of the ulitmate potentials involved in material evolution. Matter evolves into mind and spirit. This is what humans experience. To separate being from becoming is the fatal flaw in most Western philosophies. Science, at present, still reduces matter to energy, a holistic idea that goes back to Indian philosophies, circa 1,000 BCE. Read Spinoza’s “Ethics, Vol II”. Look for the whole in evolving human thought, not for the divisive, dualistic abstractions that are the mothers of war and ideas of human inequality!

So to evolve beyond being dependent on love you sugest calousness??? I say to you now, anything other then spiritual feelings is lesser according to worldly desires. There is nothing beyond the innocents and purity of a child.

the greatest idea of our nation is that you are free untill you go against other peoples rights. This is the cause of all wars. We just have religious midsets and define things religiously. You have totally missed cause and effect and defined things by the side effect.

I think this will be my new signature. “You have totally missed cause and effect and defined things by the side effect.”

Why must you misconstrue everything I’ve said? No one evolves beyond being dependent on love!!! There is no calousness in expressions of moving potential, which are the best hope for the child. I don’t comprehend your beef. It has no relevance to anything I’ve said. In fact it totally disorts my thoughts. Why? Are you anti-evolutionary from a religious POV? Evolution is not totally deterministic. We are free to define our own destinies. I opt for definitions that include everyone, not those that divide us.

a definition of the soul is an energy independent of matter, but has side effects in matter. He’s saying that matter causes the soul??? Is he grounded in logic???

further definition of the soul is self awareness and desires that go beyond the bodily function of our organic machine vessels. It must be convienant to write it all off in the brains subconcious when there is no known cause and effect. Have we been able to mimic love yet? Have we been able to chemically replace it? exstacy the drug??? No, close but no cigar,… the numbness of an opiate with the methampetamine to keep you up durring it. A speed ball in a pill. You’re way off there,… there is nothing like that in the brain. Why not harvest hormone glands to try and mimic love… Lets not forget how making other sections of the brain go numb from drugs allows you to live in a dream world.

Love comes from outside you. For no matter what mood you are in, you feel the love from the person who gives it to you. Showing it’s an involinatry feeling you recieve. Now your saying it’s a chemical action in the brain respond and changing the feeling of touch to the feeling of love, yet, it hasn’t been contributed to any hormone. Then all you’d have to do is rub the chemical over a latex mold of a hand. heat it up to 98 degrees then caress a blind folded person over their shirt. Read the brain waves, observe the responces,… and proof that love is all in your head. This is more then possiable with todays technology. Yet?..

Love is an energy independent of matter and causes reaction in matter,… but most importantly the soul.

Soul–an energy beyond matter? What antedeluvian tripe. Why do you flame, Phil? Read a book. Engage mind before cranking out opinion. Argue from ideas, not taught, dogmatic assumptions. There is so much in contemporary philosophy, science and religion that you seem totally unaware of. It’s not my place to educate you; it’s yours.

This is just hilarious for so many reasons. #-o

Include people means you accept them for who they are unbiasly. What about murderers? Or theives? Apparently your definitions of what you accept in people is up to personal taste.

Why do you think we can love people for the most impersonal reasons and make room for hue hephner in your philosophies. Don’t you know that his trading marital love for seven women has progressed to trading up to triplets? How is three greater then seven?

Evolution has been proven to an extent… I think DNA math says that DNA can not create more then the original. If that’s true,… then how did the original come about? In fact about 16 precise idependent forces have to be in place in order for the most simple organism to reproduce,… yet you expect me to believe this came about by chance from general external forces,… then the different chemicals of the cell seperated and were seperaced by free moving amino acids and proteins, then zapped by lightning and glued into place???

Do you think that facts from an outside perspective can encompase the whole of the soul without seeing the soul from every perspective???

No facts of the side effects of the soul are then contributed to the brain. Yet they have yet to prove ghost orbs being caused naturally. How does this independent energy give off light??? Well all energy reflected through matter will change the matter according to the parrelel resistance.

…and it’s getting funnier… =D>

Include includes no such meanings as those you espouse.

The biggest evidence of the soul and God is the Holy Spirit. An energy felt from an outside source with no physical source. I’m sure your williness to write it off as a delusion will support your theories. But the spiritual healing people get from it speaks for itself. It brings up all the pain that they have become caloused to and allows them to live as the innocents and purity of a new soul,… just as Jesus Christ said the Kingdom of Heaven is about.

By Jesus’s name, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Imagine. Space and time are a side effect of matter,… when by all logic they should be constants, they are controled by the variables of matter. This shows that the cause and effect of space and time is in some action of matter. IE the creation of matter. Now science is showing that black holes will stop feeding,… and it would take more mass for the black hole to be able to reach the rest of the galaxy. This shows that the universe has a definate beginning,… but no definate ending. It’s like perpetual motion of entire galaxies getting in sync with centrifugal and centrifical force. So my theory is that there is an endless energy supply if we learn how to tap into the dirrect cause and effects from centrifugal force.

As for energy,… it can all be traced back to the four elements. Protons/neutrons/electrons/nutrenos… They are idealogical opposites that are naturally attracted to each other, but can not combine. I am saying that besides centrifugal force and momentum,… all energy can be traced back to these basic elements. And no more then these. For there are two types of energy, stored energy and energy that is the equaling of opposites. When matter is supper charged, it radiates out according to the physical perpendicual resistance. IE the gravatasional field causes heat and pressure that is trying to escape, witch causes convection in the core. The flow of electrons resisted by two forces causes the two side effects of electromagnetics. How is this done??? electrons natural force is to spread evenly according to the medium they are attracted to. How can they spread evenly when they are constantly being moved about by pressure differeances/convection. All energy as we see it can be traced back to the source, witch if combined on a subatomic level would equal out to nothing. So everything equals nothing. Witch supports the Biblical theory that God created the universe.

I’m with Satyr.

Two months ago Dan was a blooming socialist…today he sounds like L Ron Hubbard.

I don’t know what has gotten inta him.

He’s evolving.

These parts are the funniest:

This is why equalitarianism and tolerance can only lead to deterioration.

Unless, by might and by ancient, well developed experience, you can harness the essential forces of childhood and old-age. Harness the absolute of simplicity and the absolute of complexity, fuse them into a single form of essential force, and something beyond both will be made.

There is something beyond anything and everything, due to the existence of infinity.