Consciousness of inanimate objects

Is consciousness universal?

  • No, its applicable only to ‘living’ animals.
  • Yes, its applicable to all objects and systems.
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Hi all,

This is a question that I have long wondered about.

The consciousness of all:
I used to consider the possibility that all inanimate objects around us, though they do not have the capacity to repsond to stimuli, do gather Information, in one form or another.

For instance, when a stone is scratched in some tumble or in the fall of some other material over it, it records scratches in a particular way - the scratch depth and the residue of the other material from the scratch could be analysed in some kind of forensic technique to determine things like the stone’s position, the process which brought about the scratch and stuff like that - an analysys of results could be carried out to obtain the conditions which led to that information to bve recorded.

I believe that this information is not only stored but also used. This information could also be manipulated in some way. For instance, piece of fertile soil near a volcano could be coated with limestone during an eruption and after several sucessive centuries could be subject to some kind of collision which could reveal the fertile soil underneath. This in turn could later lead to a local vegatation or some kind of life form growing on it - something like a lichen or an alga. So effectively by determining where the lichen are growing and their average age, the media on which they’re growing in - the thickness of the limestone, and such, we can determine to some degree the time at which an eruption occured and the time at which the collision involving that particular rock happened.

The point Im trying to make is that the systemic nature of environment (neednt necessarily mean on earth) causes one phenomenoin to be dependent on another and thats a good way of determining the points in time at which certain forces were afoot. This could indeed be a design inherently using the coinsciousnesses built into each piece of matter around us. In other words, even a stone is capable of consciousness, in the form of stored information…this information can be derived, manipulated and used by other phenomena or creatures to complete and initiate or even propagate cycles of phenomena…

The matter of stimulus and response:
Naturally all living animate beings exhibit a response to stimulus. If you consider a tree, however, you see that the response to stimulus is usually a carefully fashioned growth pattern to a branch geing cut, or even the subtle twists and turns that a creeper takes around obstacles.

On similar lines, can it be said that when we take a piece of rock and subject it to what we’d call stimulus - say, for instance, heat it over the stove, to state one goofball thing that we could do. The stone will gain heat and expand slightly, depending on its heat capacity and conductivity and its expansion coefficients. Can this be considered a response to stimulus, albiet a primitive and undeveloped repsonse to stimulus? To this a tree would perhaps wither and die or simply let water evaporate from it, and an animal would back away or perhaps perspire, if its a mild heat, as we all would respond to heat.

The stone and the tree and the animal, in my view all exhibit different degrees of response to stimuli, rather than clear cut different reactions to stimuli. This is in view of the fact that they respond with some change in their internal structure/functioning at all, and that can be considered a response.

So different levels of creatures are differently abled to collect information and are differently abled to use this information. This essentially means that the enviroment around us consists of a mnyriad of different creatures all of which exhibit different levels of response to stimuli and all of which store information to different degrees, essentially constituting a sort opf network of information which involves information storage, transmission and reponse to stimulus with the info at hand (or rather stored).

What do you feel about this supposition?

I can support the idea inanimate objects also stores information, but only at a very simple level. A scratch in a stone is just a scratch in a stone, till something gives it more meaning.

Nicely said. Can’t see what is wrong with this view. Stimulus and response are the same as action and reaction. A scratch in a stone could have meaning. The world we living in is very dynamic and everything is in movement. The way it moves, is determined by the previous. You could see it like a flow of information.

Absolutley. One of my favorite posts ever.