Consent Decrees

when you first take acid you have like an acid taking plan. like meet your friends and do some activity that’s centered around the acid. like go someplace to trip or whatever. but the best acid experiences are when you just take some in the morning on a normal day and then try and go about your normal day. like take acid and go pay the power bill or get groceries. get your oil changed etc.

Are you an acid pusher? Cuz I am very far from interested in going back to ‘96. That stuff was cray, and got crazier… (hence not doing it more than a handful of times, if that). Mayhaps that’s why you’re so meh. You should not have got used to it. How is a philosopher going to do that to their brain???

i think people have a really skewed perception of what it actually does. it’s not some ultimate thing that does mysterious shit or anything like that. it just makes you laugh and fucks with your vision for a little while. it can make you stay up really late. some people will say crazy shit or think about oddball shit when they take it. i just don’t think it’s as big a deal as people make it out to be. people who take psych meds on a daily basis for years, imo, are doing themselves way worse.

some people really flip out like they just can’t do acid. i had a friend who always wanted to take some but every time he did he ended up spazzing out and running off into the bushes or getting confused and afraid or something like that. he just couldn’t let go. a control freak in his daily life. couldn’t let go. ego problems that guy.

we used to take the shit at school and the teachers would catch the kids who smoked cigarettes or weed because they smelled like smoke. some kids would try and drink booze and would get caught for smelling like booze. meanwhile me and my little high school crew would just be sitting in the back trying not to giggle from the acid.




you know i have an incredibly fragile ego and so this really, really hurt my feelings a lot. now im completely self conscious about the whole issue and am going to think about it non stop

Oops. Sorry?

Y’bullshittin me, right?

A lot of people went to school on acid. Nooooo idea why or how. For me it was too intense for school. Can’t imagine getting used to it.

But seriously… doesn’t maintaining a healthy mind/brain/etc matter … why go to school for philosophy etc etc & wreck your brain? Honest question. My excuse is I was young & oblivious.

i took most of the acid before i went to college.

also who defines healthy in this context? and i’m not sure that taking acid “wrecks” a person’s brain. i know tons of people who have taken all kinds of drugs and do everything from teach at universities to manage investment portfolios for big banks and all points in between.

Yeah. Not a single one with residual junk?

Addiction. Meh. Family junk. Meh. Where would they be today? Meh.

residual acid stuff? like they have flashbacks? i think that’s like a thing from the movies.

I see you do not have permission to search the Internet where you’re at. Here you go, you poor thing.

Or is it the flashbacks got you all incapacitated.


you wouldn’t believe the kind of shit people do with nih funding at universities.

Like using aborted baby parts and manufacturing superbugs that resist vaccines for virtual/simulated viruses?

Yeah. You’re totally right. We’ve lost our freaking minds.

my job for a few years was that i worked with a group that taught research integrity to researchers and ive gotta tell you that thats about the time that i realized most people were completely fucking hopeless when it comes to being able to discern between what is real and what isnt with regard to performing or interpreting a study in a research setting. for a long time i would try really hard to get people to understand why the things they thought were giving them the real facts were inconclusive, skewed, flawed, or just downright garbled nonsense but then i finally was able to just let that go because the truth is that the vast majority of people are not capable of understanding what it is that they are even looking at and just want a study to wave around and to appeal to its authority. but for real those studies are most often done by a bunch of legit idiots in some random university department and the majority of them lose funding just as fast as they got it because let’s be real, “acid flashbacks” like the ones people think of when they talk about “acid flashbacks” just aren’t real.

you against stem cell research?

do you think that people should carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to a child that they know will have down’s syndrome? if so, who should bear the cost?

We don’t need stem cells from aborted babies. There are alternatives. Re: Down’s… yes, I do think those babies should be born. Also, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of doctors claiming something was wrong with a baby, recommending abortion, but the baby was born healthy. Similar junk with other fake diagnoses on adults, fake dental work, etc. You don’t trust cops? I wanna die without some quack misdiagnosing me for the money.

How are you going to support the claim “there are no flashbacks”?