Consent Decrees

For every child aborted, 11 are waiting to adopt… they’ll pay the costs.

your own screenshot says that “flashbacks” are momentary. that’s not what most people think of when they think of a flashback.

who should bear the cost of the person with down’s syndrome? they require a lot of care that regular people don’t, and they are almost never able to be a net positive contributor to an economy.

are you sure this is true? and who are these people? should a gay couple be allowed to adopt children? should a woman be able to sell her newly born child? if so many people want them, shouldn’t it be the case that the free market prevail and that the child go to the highest bidder?

I have a friend w a Down’s kid. They always smile. Work in an ice cream shop.

Also … didn’t you watch Life Goes On? Adorbs.

We gotta be pro life. Death is ugly.

Answered cost question above.

can they support themselves working in an ice cream shop?

im sorry but i’m a little suspicious of people who are out trying to shop for a stranger’s baby. that’s next level weird shit and i think it’s very odd.

everything dies.

As long as the family can support a child, money should not enter the picture.

It should be about stuff like clean criminal record, good values, etc. Seriously… a parenting license should be mandatory before a baby is released from hospital, in my opinion. Any baby.

If abortion was harder, and minors’ babies were DNA tested to hold pedophiles accountable, … man, just a bunch of stuff needs to change because we’re meh about life and keeping kids safe. It’s freaking sad.

This is California. Many youngns never move out or have a bunch of roommates.

wull that’s the spirit mr. r.

according to who?

it’s true though. the things that humanity has done in the name of not accepting the inevitability of death…when you really think about it…i dont even know what to say.

People who treat the other as self.

seems dangerously vague

Let’s explore this. What do you value that is not valued by those who believe life matters & is not finally negated by the ugliness of death?

Versatile. Gotta pivot, negotiate.


this comes off as something that would be useful for exerting control over others. be vague, pivot, and use whatever power you can to exert your will over them.

It acknowledges the negotiating power in each individual/group. Self=other applies to individuals. Us=them applies to groups of individuals. You have to have both fully functional, per Ec’s rainbow rule.

There are two groups of people with values.

The first group believes death is inevitable, so they value this life until it is negated by death.

The second group believes death is a transition, so they value life that will never be negated.

Where do they fail to value the same thing(s) in life?