Consent Decrees

when one tries to impose its belief on the other. thats when they fail.

Impose how? Do you mean impose the belief (about life/death), or impose the value (that is limited or unlimited by death)?

Define failure… what value is lost if they fail that is or is not lost at death?

I feel Pascal giving us the side eye…

here is how religion works. it asks you to follow some rules which can put you at a real and tangible disadvantage during the course of your life, and in exchange for that you get some bigger gift, that is intangible, after you die. the bet you place is the advantages you have in your real life that you give up in order to follow whatever rules. that’s the fundamental structure of religion and pretty much everything else about them is completely esoteric.

it’s perfectly fine if someone sees that as a good bet. but it’s not fine if they believe that they have a right, or some duty to go around pressuring others to follow along with what they believe. more so, it should never be the case that a government be in the business of passing laws that restrict some people based on the religious beliefs of others. why not let god decide who is right or wrong if that’s what you believe in? when did all the religious people decide that they should be the judge here and now?

i literally had an alabama meth head who lives in his car and isn’t allowed to see his children get furious today in a conversation with me because he was going off about how “they” took prayer out of schools and that’s why “the country is going to shit”.

i just asked who “they” was, and then i asked just how in the world someone stops someone else from praying and he couldn’t handle the common sense of that and got completely flustered and accused me of attacking him for his beliefs.

i asked him if he believed that christians were under attack in america and he said they certainly were.

i asked him when and where they had ever had more freedom. he couldn’t answer. i asked him what percentage of presidents and govt officials in america throughout history were christians and he lost his shit and called me a baby killer and started blabbering about how christians are under attack by people who want to kill babies.

he thinks i’m the sick one.

unless they lead a prayer over the intercom in a public school…christians are under attack. that’s what he came up with when it was all said and done.

also that i want to murder babies.

his entire mental inventory is straight out of jerry fallwell/liberty university indoctrination material. he doesn’t even know it. he doesn’t even know who jerry fallwell is. he has no idea that his the entirety of his thought process was come up with by a bunch of people seeking political power and that is was slipped into his feeble brain over the years by way of talk radio and religious rehab centers. the poor bastard is living a life consumed by anger and he legitimately feels like he’s under attack.

Everyone is religious. Your religion is that death ends all the good stuff. I’m asking you how your stuff is good & mine isn’t, or vice versa.

If you are pleased with the way you have “bet” after (not) examining the evidence for all sides (am I wrong?), and with the resulting decisions and their outcome so far… then carry on. You can’t even answer what you value, what’s at stake for you… maybe you think I’ll judge you, but your brain is perfectly in tact for all that.

All we will ever have is here and now… why yours and not mine? How are they different? I’m open to persuasion. Maybe you just got a whollotta nuthin.

Also… why?… were you arguing with someone on meth?

calling everything religion is a bit off. is everything a religion?

i value whatever i value from one moment to the next.

i wasn’t arguing with the guy on meth. i was minding my own business and he started talking about guns or some shit then giving me all his weird political views. he was going off like a meth head and i asked him a few simple questions and he melted down. i wouldn’t call it an argument.

I said everyone, not everything. Everyone is religious - has a worldview.

What you value from one moment to the next… if it doesn’t change… is what anchors you. If it changes, you have no anchor. You may think having no anchor makes you flexible and less easy to manipulate, but it makes you a target for anchor pushers. Everyone has a need to be anchored… like an inbuilt migratory/homing impulse.

You were arguing with someone without an anchor, because that part of you is angry that you are just as unanchored.

Both of you — we all — have a hunger that can be met. But we have to migrate/home back to it again and again and again. By choice.

i dont think that having a worldview means having a religion. why distinguish between those 2 things at all if that’s the case?

the anchor thing may be a bit of projection. not everyone feels uncomfortable with the reality that things aren’t necessarily ordered/anchored/structured or however else you might put it. im certainly not angry in general, nor am i angry at the meth head. if anything, i feel pity toward him because his mind isn’t free. he’s programmed with someone else’s line and his head is full of thought stoppers. beliefs that constitute places where his thinking stops. he is in a very real sense mentally crippled by them.

im not hungry. i dont know why its hard for some people to believe, but you can live in such a way as to be truly content and not feel as though there’s some hole in you that needs to be filled.

Spot-on! …that is why I permanently ignore such types, for making such types of (unfounded/projected/presumptive) boring dictatorial, arguments.

Me nah have di time nah di energy, to deal wit it [said in a Caribbean twang].

If we aren’t treating self/us as other/them, even the nothing we think we have will be taken away and given to others who will properly redistribute it.

Take that to the food bank and valorize it.

who decides what’s proper?

As mentioned previously… It’s a conversation or negotiation between all stakeholders with self=other and us=them both fully in play (because they are the same rule).

The only one with all the power used it to demonstrate self=other, so if you’re looking for a final arbiter… it’s each & every one of us in his image. That is what binding & loosing means (Matthew 18:18).

from the desperate degenerates support group thread….

I know nobody needed to tell you that last part.

im actually not looking for a final arbiter. im saying that there is no one qualified to be one.

As said previously, we can only do what we can with the information available to us. No one in their right mind holds ignorance against anyone.

Willful ignorance is not true ignorance.