Consequences of a telepathic society

If an entire society was telepathic. Let’s say one is.

They can teach eachother things allot easier in pure thought compared to words.
The babies just soak up so much information. They learn fast.
However, the adults know that evil actions are preceded by evil thoughts.
Justice isn’t about the crimes these beings commit, it’s about how their mind is.
Mental condition produces all good and bad things.
There are warning signs which come before evil thoughts, too.
This is all well known and easily taught.

Things like love, appreciation, respect and justice are demonstrated with strict principal.
Being strict is seen as almost a holy quality. It is a sign of a well formed mind.
The society has almost no crime. When crime does exist, it can only stand as a large
movement of philosophy. The eventual result is that each nationality has its own
moral codes and values. Some are permissive, some aren’t.

Why would such an ability evolve when simple language does the same job?

Ok if it did happen, it would be very beneficial to such a society, but I fail to see why such a thing is necessary to a species at all. I mean writing is, language likewise but the ability to convey it over distance without words, why would any species need it?

That said if you are going to be creative, you need to decide in what way such a system would evolve. And why. And why language was not sufficient. I myself can think of a few ways, but it’s not my “book”/

In this case, telepathy was as simple as language. Sending a pulse of energy that the brain is sensitive to, in a certain pattern according to how the species thinks. The evolution of it was “Accidental”. High sensitivity to certain types of organic energies.

Oh ok but why was it as simple as language. Don’t get me wrong I like the way this idea is going, but I want to flesh it out… If you write anything, no matter how you write it, and how fantastic it is, it works so much better when people believe it will happen and just has to, it couldn’t of happened otherwise. Kinda wish I could write, read a million books, but my lysdexia holds me back. :slight_smile:

I guess I just have to sit back and watch creative talent happen. :slight_smile:

The main reason why i made this thread is because I believe if a species was telepathic, they would be harder to lie to, and their communication/teaching would be faster and more complete. The result would be a better society. I didn’t consider the whole realistic/how thing. Also new forms of deception could possibly exist which could still undermine the awareness.

Oh please don’t think I’m saying anything that undermines your idea. I’m merely trying to say how you can develop such a good idea so that it speaks to people. :slight_smile:

Undermine the awareness heaven forbid, explain the the awareness of the telepathic mind, now that would be interesting…

It is same as religious belief saying ,
If only one religion stays, peace prevails !!
If one becomes atheist, he gains philosophical aspect !!
Such belief always remains as, Ocean full of water in front of a Thirsty fellow !

people will start to believe in
“keep it real dude !!” - kind of attitude
“show me what you got!” - Egoistic nature
“Ya, I know !” - Ignorance

Everything will be more open in love and war!!
Human nature remains same, But in different mode.

May be, " hey ! wasssuuuppp !! " might disappear!!!