conservatism and Roe vs wade....

the real question is not that Roe Vs Wade is struck down
but what is next? Conservatives have already stated they
are going after birth control… recall your history that
for married couples, birth control was illegal until 1965
and to unmarried women, in 1972… in my lifetime…
and then what? gay rights will also be under attack…
but notice the theme, rights once given, now taken away…
and that is the name of the game for conservatives…
to take away rights and freedoms that the entire western
world takes for granted…

rights and freedoms…
what exactly are those? the freedom to hold and act upon
certain values… thus we come to the real point of
this conservative action… to remove freedoms…
and why? in the end, it comes down to religion…
in other words, the conservatives want to force others
to live their religion… it has no other point… and yet,
the conservative in an attempt to force people into their
religion, don’t even take their own religion seriously…

if life is so sacred, then we must ban Capital Punishment…
not to do so, means life isn’t sacred…and thus the whole
point of being pro-life is destroyed… the conservatives
have no problem with the police murdering innocent
civilians… but what, what happened to “ALL LIFE IS SACRED?”
IF, if life is sacred, we cannot allow any attempts, private or
public to murder people, for any reason…

The bible upon which the conservative places great value
upon says, “Thou shall not kill” and that is their entire
basis for ending abortions and yet, the conservatives
themselves have no problem with murder…
thus forcing people to live within their religion for
a belief that the conservatives themselves don’t
believe in…

we call that Hypocrisy…of which is the entire point
of this attempt to end abortion… for it isn’t about
being pro-life, they aren’t but about control…
the conservative wants to control how people live,
how people love, how people marry… that is the point
of this exercise…and under what right does the conservative
offer us to be able to control our lives? They claim to
be ''TRUE BELIEVERS" and that is the justification to their
attempts to control other people’s life…notice
the conservative need to insult other people with
names like “traitor” “commie scum” “un-American”…

that is not only a political commentary, but a social,
religious, commentary…for if you don’t hold their religious
beliefs, you are a “traitor” you are “un-American” you
are “commie scum” for not holding their exact same
beliefs…politically, socially, religiously…

the conservative party wants everyone, and that means
every person in the United States to conform to their
beliefs, spiritual, socially, politically… in other words,
the conservative wants and demands a dictatorship so
they can force everyone to live by their beliefs, socially,
politically, religiously…that is why the conservative loved
and still loves Hitler and loves IQ45 and Putin…
in fact, loves all types of dictatorships… because it is
their, the conservative hope to dictate how we, all of us,
must think, act, feel, love and hope…notice how
the GOP kicks out anyone who doesn’t hold fealty to
IQ45… what the conservative wants is to force everyone to
hold to certain, set beliefs dictated by conservatives…

they deny this, but then ask the conservative, why
ban abortion? what is the reasoning behind it…
and what will you get? lies they don’t even believe
in themselves… to be pro-life and yet, to favor capital punishment
is simple to lie about why we must end abortions…
control is the point of this little exercise in hypocrisy…

If you want to have control over your life, if you want to have
the freedom to love who you want, if you want the freedom
to marry who you want, if you want the freedom to have
control over you own body… then we must deny political power
to conservatives…we must vote democratic as if our lives depend
upon it because it does… once conservatives control how we live,
how we act, how we love, have control over our bodies,
then what is next? I would say that conservatives will
do as UR and ob have said they would do, which is
send liberals and other undesirables to concentration camps
and even to their deaths… both UR and observe have said that…
let us take them at their word… they will remove, purge any
who doesn’t hold to their exact beliefs… as they do today in
the Republican party… both UR and observe have stated
the “time of reckoning” is coming when the conservatives
take over…they have stated this… let us take them at their
word… and know if you don’t hold fealty to their
own religious, political, social beliefs, that you too are at risk
of being punished for your beliefs… just as the Nazi’s punished
those who didn’t hold their beliefs… of course, UR and Observe
will lie about liberals and democrats, but hay, they lie about
their very belief in being pro-life, so no surprise in their lying
about liberals and democrats… remember who is fighting
for abortion rights, women’s rights, gay rights, the rights
for freedom and liberty for all… liberals and democrats…

and no amount of conservatives lies will hide that fact…


and when the conservatives come here and
demonize me with words, like “commie scum”
and “un-American” and “liberals” ask them,
the conservative:

ok, do you hold that life is sacred?

then you must want an end to capital punishment?

and when their answer is no, because of whatever
excuse they are using this week, then they
are practicing situational ethics… the situation dictates
the ethics…

the conservative entire belief system is really nothing
more than situational ethics… they have no values or
standards that they hold to… they simple make up their
beliefs based upon the situation… which means
that their only real, true belief is in keeping in control,
to have the power to dictate how people live, work,
love, feel, marry… all of it to be under the control
of a fascists police state controlled by conservatives…
that is their goal… to recreate Nazi Germany…

so ask them, why this need to end abortions?

and in end, after much hemming and hawing,
they will finally say, they are pro-life…
and the lies begins and continues… for their only goal is
control how you and I live our lives… nothing else matters
to the conservatives…