A Turkish guy! Stole a plane! Flew over the Wisconsin Sate House! Was not shot down!

Obama’s in on it, too! … 586&page=1

Now the Turks cannot even kill themselves properly ~ what is this world coming to???

Step 1. Win the presidency
Step 2. Allow suicidal Turkish guy to steal a small commercial plane and fly around for a bit
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit

It’s too crazy not to be true.

OH haa-haa-haa!


If it was something bigger or faster than a Cessna, maybe there would have been fireworks…

For some reason the Wisconsin state house doesn’t strike me as a high priority installation…

But then this does beg teh question, why does a Cessna get fighter jets while hijacked 747’s get nothing?

Exactly! This proves that George Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks!

All doubt has been removed!

We didn’t shoot those planes/missiles/death rays down, and we didn’t shoot this guy down!


I don’t think so.

at least jets were scrambled.

And Dick Cheney likes his eggs scrambled!



Faust, the point is when this Cessna flys into restricted airspace, it has jets scrambled threatening to shoot it down.

when a 747 was headed toward the pentagon, there were no jets scrambled.

What made the reaction time slow on 9/11?

Ask Cheney…

I’m right there with you, dude!

There was a reaction time on 9/11, and a reaction time now!

Mere chance?

I think not!

they are supposed to intercept, not fail.

why fail on 911 with more at stake?

And Dick Cheney likes stake with his (scrambled) eggs!


Oh, wait a minute…that’s steak.

But still!

Oh!..the humanities!

a 747 casually flew into the wtc and the pentagon. NORAD dropped the ball i guess…

Too much red wine…

If you can emotionally withstand the long beginning of this movie, and get through to the second half, this paints a very accurate picture of things.

It is not conspiracy nut oriented, it is in fact high definition terrorism available for private home enjoyment.

I think Faust may have made this thread to give me back a place to assert the truth, so thanks Faust.

I’ll withhold my complete analysis until i see what some of you think. … d_America/

it’s the subtle things… (beginning with the sound track)

And i would personally warn against watching this video, as it basically re-depicts in real time what occurred with audio and video

It’s uses the “24” type timer thing, which is intriguing.

And sept 11, 2001 was 24 hours long!

The evidence keeps piling up.

“we need to go to war, like, now” (quote from angry woman watching from far away) (on the movie)

one of few, but of many alike.

And we did go to war!


it was great. in almost ever scene with a back drop voice, there was someone saying terrorism, or war, or kill them all…

It begins and emotionally mind fucks you (can i say fuck here? oh well). They emotionally mind fuck you.

The hints are subtle, but they are there.

the emotionally intensifying sound track. blatant tactic used in indoctrination. any good salesman needs background noise. good background noise, accentuating what you’re selling. After the mind fuck, they start hitting you with some hate filled on scene testimonials. Then more mind fucking.

At the end bush says he’s communicating with this and that.

There is no conclusion, it just ends. the emotional fury drip is done.

All you are left with is the mind fuck and a hate for terrorists that you think caused it all.

They use a real time timer like from the show 24. this is high definition history channel. presented as documentary history.

It does show what happened. why does it show people saying we should kill them all? or go to war like now?

Why must it boost emotions with a sound track?

Is this history? is this entertainment?

no, this is propaganda.

This is an investment in consolidating emotions. it’s gathering support for anyone looking to further a war agenda.

If you suspect something is perverted, it just might be.

My thoughts exactly, W.

The background music proves that Bush ordered the attacks.

In fact, if you play the audio backwards, you can hear Cheney singing “Rock the kasbah, rock the kasbah…”