Contested Election and MSM Silence

Michigan GOP Electors barred from the capitol building.

State Legislators voting against the Fraud.

MSM is silent!!!

all the electoral votes have been certified now 306 for biden

Supposedly several swing-states have voted for Trump and Biden, making it a contested election. MSM is silent of course, still looking for the info.

Are you that bloke on the video. He sounds like you. :smiley:

Fake News

Four states (make that 7 now) apparently have contested electoral votes. If true Mr Hidin, Lyin Biden is down to only 270 (or less) and the slightest breeze… :-"

I just found it recently

Hahaha I thought the same thing. Anyway it’s a good find.

Spent me some good 10 mins watching antifa fags get beat up.

“You know we burn shit” hahahaha momma’s boys fags.

Yeah this contested election shit sounds legit.

Essencially because, regardless of what the commies and their media think or think constitutes reality or the law, it gives Trump ground to hang on to power after the 20th and, more importantly, it gives the military grounds for sticking with him.

That is the part I wish I had more confidence in.

It’s the same logic as with the scotus. If they want to, or if a critical mass wants to, this will give them a grounds to do it.

The first duty of the military is to uphold the constitution and protect the republic.

I thought the same too… so it wasn’t only I?

Salty Cracker? lol

I wait… with bated breath. Could it be true. :open_mouth:

Besides, few institutions are in a position to understand the importance of Trump as the US military.

“It’s the same logic as with the scotus”

Leave John duns out if this. He has nothing to do with it.

I haven’t confirmed it enough - but hoping.

If true - “slam dunk” - game over.

But never underestimate the devil (nor Mr Trump). … s.amp.html

Y’all better watch out because Republicans put fake ballot boxes around town. Bout a hunerd of em.

In four years, those republicans will have made about a hunerd more of those boxes. Well okay maybe that expectation is a bit extravagant. At least fifty though.

yo mama’s a fake ballot box

u guys are so far gone from reality that i cant even imagine what that must be like

a bunch of hack gop idiots got together and unofficially tried to cast a separate sets of electoral votes but its entirely made up shit and completely ceremonial and has absolutely no bearing or impact under any law whatsoever and the only result is that u guys still think there is a chance and that people who understand how our govt works are all laughing at them it is literally blowing my mind how otherwise reasonably intelligent people could be so literally ignorant to the facts of how all this works i mean holy fucking shit u guys cant be serious

mitch fucking mcconnell congratulated biden on the win today does that make him deep state now lmfao

Yeah lol turtle face was always deep state.

But his judge appointment agenda coincided with Trump’s, so he played ball.

It’s well documented that he, also, has deep China money.

The reason Trump ran as Republican is not that that party is less establishment, it’s just that their platform is nominally aligned with the interests of the US so they can be strong-armed.

what about that rusal investment in mcconnells home state that happened after sanctions for lifted on deripaska? u know…the one who used to work with manafort in ukraine. u know…the manafort who tried to instal yanukoyvych before they had that orange revolution. u know…the same deripaska that manafort owed like 30 million bucks to. u know…the same manafort who ran trumps campaign for free… the self proclaimed grim reaper of house legislation, the guy who has essentially shut down congress for the last 4 years he managed to do that and to cut taxes on the ultra wealthy and thats about it