contextually transitive ontological discourse

The point of the thread is to discuss the spiritual experience of existing by using provocative words that are in order of the sensation or image intention for the articulation.
To say it another way, getting your point across through purposeful gibberish.
So it shares qualities with Haiku in that respect.

Though it should be noted that this is intended to be a discourse and not a collection of non-interdependent statements. It is not a bunch of poems, so try to respond with responses using the outlined format.

To start…

Exist perfect motion imperfectly.
Create perfect motion existence.

All creation imperfect; necessity.
Create perpetual; perfection: elusive.

Fleeting moments, lost memories:
Fight not against the current of time.
Embrace destroy affirm in pride!

Deep golden impression
Ivory in distant sands still close

huts of harmony
peaceful dirt

one day a messenger comes
no more soup at the table

now, winds caress the hardened skin
and frozen limbs will warm

yes home a thought occurred to me
why think, and not exist?

So I left for the woods
and found another death.

As my flesh is raw
I plan my first strike

See through eyes
conquered of pain

dream of dead rivers

This weathereed path has been walked before
Blood and bone
Laughter and tears
Nothing new
Everything old
Billions of foot prints
Walking in circles
Around a poisoned stone
We too shall be forgotten
All that there is
Only a circle around a stone

I apologize Jayson for the melodramatic and even pathetic intermezzo of my attempt at making no sense in a way that coveys meaning about (my own) existence. I have erased the dreadful commentary on a song in which pain is glorified as beauty.

My words read more as a poem than as an ontological discourse and I am afraid I am only capable of producing poetry and not such discourse and only sometimes, this poetry has a quality. Regardless of all my futile contributions this thread surely has the blessing of the Gods for it is an attempt to make them visible to the mere mortal with weak eyes and a mind set on petty gains. Such attempts are always praiseworthy!