Conversation as our life force.

“He who controls conversation controls the world.”
this is a thought that passed through my head yesterday, and since then it has disturbed me somewhat. the more i thought about it the more it made sense. all we know comes from what we’re told, all we talk about is from that “knowledge”. and anything of “worth” in this country and world is do to what we give it, the more it’s discussed the more value it has. with this in mind, who controls the conversations? Television, computers, music, everyone? where do these conversations come from? if you notice as i have, the things people talk about come in waves, and we’ve been riding these waves for a long time. can we get off these waves? or can we direct their flow? i’m not talking about the topics or “substance” of these conversations, but the art or act of conversing in itself. if you’ve got anyideas let me know…soon preferably for i’m probably going to be kidnapped by the illuminatus soon…

If you read 1984 it goes in lengths to show how totalatarian regimes can control people by controling language which therefore is controling thought.

Also notice how our elections are really won on simple catch phrases. Try paying particular attention to skilled politicians language. Everytime I hear bush talk for example I don’t think the guy uses more then 5-7 words in a sentence.

The Nazis brought up the Hitler youth and literally brainwashed them with songs. They wern’t even aware of what they were singing until years later when they started doing precisly what they were singing the whole time growing up.

This is precisly why the first amendmant is so crucial and we don’t outlaw peoples speech even when its pure filth racist garabge in the U.S.

And the media is very powerful in this respect. However living in a democracy with free speech and thought one really has more power then he thinks. Its when people speech begins to be limited and debate begins to diminish that we run into major problems.