Why is it that since the site downtime this weekend, I have to sign in again every once and a while? Even when I choose to be kept being signed in.

Probably admin has changed session setting.
Keeping the session can cost server resource (disk space and a bit of CPU time, I guess).
It’s more or less common to let the session expire, and then clean the session data, periodically.

Dude I was looking at my screen and all I saw was “Cookies?”. Then I read the post and was very disappointed. I really wanted a cookie. Thanks for nothing.

Are you checking the “remember me” box? I get kicked out when that’s not checked, but if I’m being remembered the session can expire without me having to log back in.

If it’s not the remember me box, is anyone else having trouble with this?

If you mean the “Log me on automatically each visit” box: that’s not it.