coordination problems

So I had someone come up to me while I was in a state not conducive to my complete understanding of what the hell people were saying to me, and I got into a conversation about philosophy with little sprinklings of politics and game theory.

Then the whole, “coordination problem” thing came up.

If we take these sorts of things, as I understand them, (which is admittedly not the best understanding), to be real problems, then it seems we can only speculate about how things might be once we’re talking about the will(s) of a large enough group of people.

I don’t like that idea. I like to think that things can be known without speculation. Well, at least for the purposes of this thread.

So why doesn’t someone either come along and correct my misunderstanding of this subject, or whatever, so that I can sleep better at night?

Come on ILP. Don’t be chickens. I think this problem might be harder than it looks.

coordination problem?

this is solved in one of two ways:

commit to the idea that the zebra striped pants and the flaming pink polka dotted shirt really look good together

or continue to dress as your mother has you to dress…


You know that’s not what I meant.

I don’t see any dilemma here, Smears - things are as easy or as difficult as we make them.

I think it’s the other way round - it would be easier, in broad terms, to make correct statements concerning the behaviour of a large group of people, rather than predict in any adequate fashion the behaviour of a single individual.

An individual is efectively an example of a non-scaleable object - any one (extreme) action can undermine any prior behavioural ‘average’ - whereas a group fits nicely onto a scalable bell-curve - the extremes of any one member of the sample canacelling out another’s or being dissolved into the general sea of normative behaviour.

“Each day, people go to work” is a useful observation.
“Each day, Frank goes to work” is not so useful, because chances are, it will be falsified within a fairly short time period.

Ok Tab. You’re making sense here. I need more.

:laughing: What kind of more would you like…? There’s a lot of flavours of ice-cream out there.

Specifics my friend, specifics.

I dunno yet. I’ll come back with better questions. I just picked up a book on convention by Lewis. I think he talks about coordination problems in it.