Corporate Share of US Tax Receipts

I was reading in the magazine The Week April 8, 2011 as follows-----“The corporate share of U.S. tax receipts has plunged from 30% in the mid-1950s to 6.6% in 2009.”

very interesting.

Oh my, you people are so NAIVE! The idea that the government exists to serve the people and all this other fantasy-land bullshit…wtf. The government consists of humans, people, men, not saints and angels. OF COURSE the fucking corporations are gonna get fat tax breaks. It doesn’t matter what pretty words you put in a “constitution,” the government serves the highest bidder at the expense of everyone else. If you’ve got enough grease and you find the right palms…well the rest just falls into place.

I don’t think Turtle is naive. I think he may be proposing some degreaser.

The only degreaser is to change human nature. Good luck.

“The corporate share of U.S. tax receipts has plunged from 30% in the mid-1950s to 6.6% in 2009.”

If this were the case in every country in the world, then you’d have a point.

No, I think I have a bit more of a margin than that…
Other governments can be corrupt in other ways, you know.

The OP wasn’t about corruption, it was about the corporate share of US tax receipts.

Oh, God forbid we talk about WHY!

I bet Turtle would be happy to talk about why. My point is your accusation of naiveté was misplaced, at least based on the content of the OP itself. If you are interested in talking about corruption, I’d counter that it’s naive to think we can’t do anything at all about corruption. We can, and we do it every day.

we do?

Of course. Why is it 6.6% and not 0%?

the fact that it’s anything is actually, believe it or not, PART of the corruption: they have to keep it above 0 in order to maintain the illusion that it’s not corrupt.

So Humpty, what would you say the difference is between governments that are seen as highly corrupt and governments that are seen as less corrupt?

some are better at hiding it.

That’s why anti-corruption campaigns are typically pro-transparency. More transparency = less ability to get away with corruption.