Corruption is grabbing the wealth of others for the sake of comforts of one’s own body and family. The body is like a seat in the train and you, the soul, are the passenger. The family members are like just bench-mates in the same train. For the comfort of yourself and your bench-mates, if you trouble other passengers in the train, it is corruption. Life is just a matter of a short one-hour train journey. Your bench-mates will get down at their respective destinations and will not remember you thereafter. Even you will have to leave your seat and move on.

After death, you have to leave your family members, who will not recognize you in their next birth. After getting down from the train of this life, you have to face the interview with God. There he will decide if you are to be granted permanent happiness or permanent misery. Therefore, you must concentrate on the preparation for this grand interview even during your journey through this life. Do not worry about the comforts of your own seat and that of your bench-mates. You will have to leave your own seats and all the bench-mates behind anyway. The bonds with your bench-mates (family members) are temporary and unreal. Sankara says that whatever is temporary must be unreal. The bond, which did not exist before and will not exist in future, does not exist even in the present time. Such spiritual realization is a must for getting a permanent control over corruption.

those who undergo misery for the sake of the mission of the Lord, will achieve the love of the Lord

The difficulties giving misery are the best ground to understand this statement of Lord in Gita. Therefore, love the problems and misery. Hate peace and happiness. But this should be limited to yourself for the personal spiritual effort and should not be extended to society surrounding you. You are not supposed to disturb the society around you in any way in which case God will be furious with you. Demons were punished for this because they gave misery to the society for their personal happiness. Those who undergo misery for the happiness of the society please the Lord and reach the temporary heaven. Here you are serving the society without any selfishness and therefore for the sake of welfare of the society you are rejecting your peace and happiness. You are certainly greater than a fellow who serves the society for his personal peace and happiness like the present politician. But those who undergo misery for the sake of the mission of the Lord, will achieve the love of the Lord and reach His divine abode forever.

Here also you are serving God not for your peace and for your happiness. Therefore, whether it is service to society or God, the selfishness should be absent and sacrifice should be present. Several devotees aspire bliss by serving the Lord. This is not the correct spirit. One should aspire for the bliss of God through his service and not selfish bliss.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

cor·rup·tion /kəˈrʌpʃən/ Pronunciation [kuh-ruhp-shuhn]

  1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.
  2. moral perversion; depravity.
  3. perversion of integrity.
  4. corrupt or dishonest proceedings.
  5. bribery.
  6. debasement or alteration, as of language or a text.
  7. a debased form of a word.
  8. putrefactive decay; rottenness.
  9. any corrupting influence or agency.
    [Origin: 1300, 50; ME corrupcio(u)n (< AF) < L corruptiōn-, s. of corruptiō. See corrupt, -ion]

Synonyms 2. dissolution, immorality. 8. rot, putrefaction, putrescence, foulness, pollution, contamination.
Antonyms 1,3. purity. 3, 4. honesty.

dattaswami wrote:

If I may debate, you are confusing peace and happiness with self-satisfaction, which is a fleeting or delusive peace and happiness, like the feelings during eating or sex. We should ideally reach a state of true peace and happiness or experience “heaven on earth” in our lifetime, let’s say by figuratively enjoying our seat in the train, having inspiring conversations with others and admiring the beauty of nature through the window. To be concerned about how comfortable our body is is of course self-concern, an inferior mental state that does motivate many to disturb our natural harmony through self-satisfaction.

Why do we need to hate or overreact to anything in life, including self-satisfaction, which is just the unevolved state of all of us?

The path to true peace and happiness in this life or afterward is not reached by hating it or anything, but by putting the state of self-satisfaction into proper perspective, diminishing it with the greater and lasting happiness of love naturally found in states of higher awareness or consciousness. The beauties of Nature and the universe symbolize this love. Love is Life itself. Happiness is the essence, and loving misery an unnatural state. Misery is provided by Nature as an incentive for us to seek the laws through which incapacitating misery may be gradually eliminated by understanding the mind, the source of all misery.

You bring up a great point in regards to condeming our innate capacities of self-satisfaction and admiration of nature.The institution epitomized the beauty of life not only by degrading human dignity, but also by brainwashing its followers into believing that the simple pleasures in life – that of sexual desires, material possession, peace and self-assurance, ect - are evil. Such institutionalized beliefs not only abridge mankind of freedom, but also strip them of their own identity. The followers do not have a purpose of their own, for their purpose is imposed upon them by the institution. If this type of brainwashing accurs in childhood, the individual is a slave to “dogmatic assurance” and doomed to entertain such a pessimistic outlook on life…

You mentioned “the instituation” in another post. What is this institution? Is it like “the man” keeping you down? :sunglasses: