Could Joker Immigrate through Calais?

I have a question for the British.

Say we all took a charitable collection up, and paid for Joker to fly out to Calais, where he would stay for a few weeks, figuring out how to get into England, but mostly just dissapointed and dirty… he finally got in… would he be allowed to stay like others can, or would he just be instantly deported back to the US while all the Nigerians got to stay?

I think its more difficult for a brit to get into the states to live than vice versa. If he got in he’d have to expect to be pushed around but mostly ignored by virtually everyone. There are still some enclaves of resistance e.g. in London, where he can meet up with more reasoned folk. Most the alternative clubs I went to back in the day have disappeared.

I can’t go anywhere yet as I am a felon just one more week. Now many countries even after your time of being a felon is over won’t allow you to apply citizenship for ten years being a former felon. You have to wait ten years and then apply for citizenship.

Nope, the United States along with Gotham City is stuck with me I’m afraid. It’s all good however as I’ve got a place to go to. Even though I rarely like discussing my personal life things are actually beginning to improve for me gradually. :wink:

Ethnically I am German, French, and Hungarian where I would just be deported back more than likely.

Not only that but America™©® is considered the best nation on earth [vomits] and for me to apply for asylum in another country as a refugee would be considered unquestionable concerning the American Dream™ where everything is just splendidly awesome in the United States dontcha’know…

I was just using you as a comedic Deus Ex Machina for putting a American… very similar culture, in a place where random refugees from all over are trying to bust in. Once in, us there a barrier to you staying when these others get to stay? Any American by treaty can immigrate to the Netherlands to open a business. If you stay long enough, you can get residency, then escape from that cheese eating terror pit across the channel to the land of bad teeth. Unless England goes for the Brexit. Then your stuck in Europe, which sucks.

I didn’t know you were a felon.

That kid in the picture looks like she’s flipping off the people in the background.