Couple of questions...can someone answer for me?

Can we ever be free, by enslaving others, or if people around us are enslaved?

If you have to cheat to be successful, is it really success, or really losing?

If you cannot force others to do what you think is best for them, nor convince them by telling them, Is the final step SHOWING them by doing it YOURSELF?

Any thoughts?

If we all work for the things we need then we are free. If we design and build machines to do work for us then we are also free. If we depend on the oppression of others for the things we need and for our happiness, then our freedom is only an illusion.

Success is not a matter of how much material wealth a person gains, but is a matter of how well a person contributes to the welfare of himself and others. Those who gain much by cheating, but keep their cheating well hidden, may be regarded as successful by others. However, they are really no more successful than a robber who does not get caught.

This could be an effective way to show others that an effort is worthwhile. However, if they continue to be irresponsible after the demonstration, doing further work for them would be counterproductive.

If you look at it from the normal morals and laws of society the answers would have to be pretyy much as Natureisnotall wrote.
But, what if you put yourself outside the common society or above or below. I would then hold that the answers must be different. Those that do these things, do them for reasons that society may not fathom. There could be a driving force behind them or a total antisocial attitude that is dominated by self preservation. Is it wrong? Not for them.

If you ask these questions there must be a quandry somewhere.

I say it truly depends upon where you wish to be in society. Morals for one will not be morals for another. There are many gray areas in all morals. The only way to be free and succsessful is to look into yourself and know the answers.

Success is within not without. If you seek approval of another in any way you become a prisoner to that person.

All the important things in life are free. Food is not, so work for it, but don’t open a vein for it. Do what you love by using your gifts. It will feed you, make you whole, and give back to others when you share it. I see it as one of the reasons you were put on this earth.

When you find it, you’ll know it. :smiley:

Big pretty technical words will only cover your mistakes so far. Pretty soon you have to decide if you are going to acknowledge the house is on fire around you and leave, or wait until the burning house caves in on you.

Acknowledging and acting, is the key. IMO

Or just stay stuck on stupid if you want, but don’t take innocent people with you if you do.

there are one truth for you and two for me the one for you is intelligence who free you from evil and impotency that you fear to death this truth i have is not my will all i see in it is death that is why you can’t understand me as you feel how i despite your efforts in making your truth that is why i decide all my life not to speak as i found the key to work secretly on my sense to live but God stopped me and said come on share all what you are though you will find friends that you stop seeking them by loving the spirit of love in every soul who loves God without knowing why i don’t see any soul willing for love you all don’t even know the feeling of my truth and it is so desparation to see how clear that you will never feel i have no friends among you as God forced me to give all what i know for your truth that he makes you see how it is all you want to do even if you bear me alive this is my reality the devil God in you who is hating me by saying to God i want to be smart as you and the real God is leaving me without a clue of what i could do to live for my truth receiving love from what i give to humble souls in pain as no smart among you is He is leaving me alone with His picture in my head how He did Love alone for Himself i cannot do that He is God and all my feelings and thoughts depend on Him i cannot do that by staying true of my reality of others he is forcing me to give to their truth which is killing mine

[size=200]AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!![/size]

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there are no dogs only humans seeing God which is not me i am human exactly like you but more forced to feel his will

See below. Why are you so angry, honey?

We are all in this together folks.

We can only be free to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God if everyone is free to.

Only when we are all able to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God will we know success.

If you know that reaching out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God is best for everyone then do it. The more of us that do the more successful and freer we will be.

the real freedom of HumanKind, is compassion for our fellow Humans Beings, because they are Human.

north wrote

How? The only way I can think that God limits our capacities is if we have a limited concept of God.

Why? The only thing I can see causing the death of all humanity is our self-destructive activity. If however by gods you might mean the ‘god’ of materialism for example, then I couldn’t agree with you more.

I think we are saying the same thing here but if you don’t mind I will use my words. If we “…reach out to others…” with caring then we will all be free.