Couplet Chain

Add to the couplet, using the same metric pattern and rhyme–
Fortuity describes our fate
And can include both love and hate.

Uncertainty invades our will
But may leave us so fast and still


Exactly! I just thought we could do a Western chain in which we would feel free to offer simile, metaphor, alliteration, rhyme. Some say rhyme is outdated in poetry. The best of rap proves this is not the case.

Left so fast and still we pine
For some salvation of the mind.

Excellent! My pea brain requires way too much time and energy to monkey-type more than a few words of proto-intelligibility at a time. Thanks for the option, Ierr (I may call you Ierr, mayn’t I? :wink: )

Past tense moments we might think
Better would have rhymed with ink

Thanks. You can call me Ierr. I’ll have to think on this line of tought, but so far I think you and I have made a good couplet chain. Where are the other poets?
Feel free to ditch the last couplet, if it does not seem to follow the thoughts expressed. Then, contribute your own. That way we revise as we move forward.
But ink indelibly puts down
No changes for a smile or frown.

A yes, a no, straight line, a goal
The written word emotes the soul

Wherein the Many which is One
Finds linearity undone.

And so the strands of thoughts do ravel
streams weave oceans, waves round gravel

The problem is the rift of sense
From everything it represents.

For senses do but glean perspective
Upon matters deemed defective

Then drink the smell of sunlight strewn
On drooping petals as they swoon

For reference, this is a poetic technique or device called

The tongueyeskinosears exchange
A common sense that’s rather strange

Perception’s doors are partly closed
So we survive what we supposed.

Thanks for coming aboard. Good couplet. Some people actually do have synaesthesia!

The elephant would tell its tail
To whip us round that which we flail

The malady of recompense
Jars my hidden, inner sense;
This can’t be innocence! " I cry
To that unanswered question–“Why?”

A purpose would, to be exposed,
present the notion of it closed:
A thought contained conceptually
free of unintentionality.

Naked in the desert heat,
Should I advance? Should I retreat?

Or should I merely watch and wait
For what can break the chains of fate?

I must move on or just be moved
By forces I have not approved.