Cow Worship

This was an interesting article i just read.
I believe that ancient Jews would have considered the veneration as cow-worship,
which is to them evil. They would hate the religion and its qualities.
Just like they hated idol worship.
The idol is a symbol not a literal deity.
Idols are for direction. Forms and images are directions.

What matters is what it points to, and nothing tangible can “point to” being who just is and does the good, beautiful, and true. Such being draws us to them rather than pointing away.
The author here tip toes around the idea of “destroying idolatry”.
In ancient times, they’d kill your ass for chopping wood on Sunday.
All outside religion was forbidden, hated and destroyed.
Circumcision of babies, without consent of course.
The wonderful God-selected Jews had a theocratic absolutism.

A Jehovah’s witness is a kind of Jew.

They consider the old testament compatible with the new testament.

The old testament, and the way Jews thought and worshiped,
was considered as a divine ideal.

One set of grown people, dictating to another set of grown people, isn’t necessary or wanted… that doesn’t mean we need to start wars over it, seeing that humans reside on different continents.

It was Saturday back then, no? The point was to encourage rest/restoration, not penalize people. Some folks messed that all up, hence everything Jesus said & did on the Sabbath.

We circumcise male babies for non-religious reasons in hospitals to this day.

As long as you’re not sacrificing “your” infants or exploiting “your” people, I think your idols are probably safe.