Create your ILP character!

Ever think we’re just stuck in the matrix? The world is one giant game? Well let’s just assume for a second that ILP is such a place, How would you create your character?

Rules, You start off with 25 points, you must select the attributes you want with the points allowed. Once you have selected your attributes, you may add to your int/phys score at the cost of a point per increase.

To give you a general sense of things, consider the following:

Idiot - Intelligence 115
Realm of the true thinkers - 155
Could get shitkicked by anyone, uncoordinated - Phys 115
Sporting hero, olympian - Phys 160


Intelligence: 115
Physical: 115


Left handed - 2 pts
Organization - 3 points
Photographic memory - 7 points. (+ 8 int)
Ambidexterity - 7 points (+14 phys)
Universal Sex appeal - 10 points
Semi Sex appeal - 4 pts
Universal comedic talent - 11 pts
Comedic talent - 3 pts.
Prone to illness - + 3 pts.
Good in bed - 4 pts
Great in bed - 8 pts
Muscular - 4 pts (+ 8 phys)
Gifted hand eye - 5 (+ 10 physical - One time only, one or the other)
Enormously gifted hand/eye - 9 (+ 18 pts physical - One time only, one or the other)
Math/Logic based talent - 5 points (+ 10 pts int)
Enormously gifted Math - 9 pts (+18 int, one or the other)
Artistic talent - 5 pts (+10 int)
Enormously Gifted Art - 9 pts (+18 int, one or the other)

Post your attributes and score, and explain your reasons for taking each.

ps. I realize the real world isn’t anything like this, but this isn’t the real world.

Actually I find that in the real life you own more than 35 points to construct your personality, but this is how I get with this exam:

Organization 3
Photographic memory 7
Semi Sex appeal 4
Comedic talent 3
Enormously gifted Math - 9 (here the result is 26 points - I checked almost everything, but couldn’t make them 25, so if above the border - I will change the last with Math/Logic based talent 5 points)

Organization - I find it one of the most important qualities. Managing your time and your work talks much about your personality.

Photographic memory - I value human’s memory too much and I respect people with photographic memory.

Semi Sex appeal and Comedic tallent - important, but not enough to choose the greater appeal and talent - you have to be fun and not ugly, but it’s not important to be too fun ot ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

And math… well, math is math.

You could have used the prone to sickness to get 28, and then had 26, with 2 points left over for int or phys.

Don’t need to be prone to sickness… why do I need all these skills if I’m ill? :slight_smile:

how does the gothic cowboy and emo look sound somethin like alucard from hellsing just in black and got the tall feature six pack and nice bulk set of arms personality just like careless and helpful pretty much fits my look in a couple years just gotta get the right clothes plus could use a anti-christ symbol necklace hehe i love it,just being a show off hope you like it seeyahz.

You didn’t follow the rules.

Ability to BullShit people-+20

I declare this thread a failure.

thanks to me lol

OG I think your avatar must accurately portray your state at this moment. :slight_smile:

heh… cept I’m not listening to music :smiley:

Semi Sex appeal - 4 pts
Universal comedic talent - 11 pts
Artistic talent - 5 pts (+10 int)
Prone to illness - + 3 pts.
Math/Logic based talent - 5 points (+ 10 pts int)
Extra points - 1 point (+3 int)

136 int
115 phys

I tried to pick someone most like me, but there was no writing talent or whatever, so I picked artistic. Umm… yeah.
PS: Typically, it’s not phys, it’s str. And there’s no talent for writing in there. Distinctly uncool. And the stat bonuses are way imba!! lol the extra points should give at least +2. And all the other ones should give +(point cost) to personality, another attribute. lol.

Fuck the character thing… it’s stupid

BUT as for your signature…

You like the wheel of time?!?!?!??!

Love(d) that series

another oblique reference to BJ and the bear?


Yeah! First started reading them in like 3rd grade, but I was only able to get through two of them lol. Picked them up again towards the end of this summer, and now I’m on Path of Daggers. I can’t read it much though, because it’s a huge-ass hardcover copy from the library and I can’t take it to school on my bike… When I’m home I read a few news stories (not real news, tech news, like /.) and have a snack, play World of Warcraft, do my homework, then read. Normally I would replace play World of Warcraft with reading every other day or so, but my subscription runs out this weekend lol. Anyway…

Yeah, I love the series too. I also enjoy Terry Brooks a lot, and that’s mostly what I’ve read for fantasy. I like some speculative science fiction too. That’s what I was reading before I picked up the series again. I hope to do some fictional writing myself, too. Last year for my birthday my mom told Terry Brooks it was my birthday and I was a fan blah blah blah, so he actually mailed me a copy of one of his books on writing, and it’s signed and everything lol. I’d better stop before I sound too much like a fanboy/bookworm.


And I don’t know… it was just on the list, ask Gobbo. (Asks Gobbo for you.)