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i’ve always wondered… people pretend like creationism and evolutionism are mutually exclusive. black and white. so… why couldn’t God have created our ancestors, and then we evolved from them?

Because religious fools see the mere hint of evolution as a complete refutation of their belief system. To Christians and Jews, we are as Adam and Eve, and they are as we, which contradicts the suggestion that we evolve.

I remember a great line from Collateral: “You’ve got to go with the flow, roll with the punches, improvise, adapt, evolove, Darwin, I Ching.” Or something like that…

Strictly speaking, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. As Deists, many of the Founding Fathers (US) would have no trouble accepting the two.

Oposition to evolution comes from a fundamentalist reading of Genesis.

Ok, I guess I am not a religious fool (at least with regards to this), as I believe in evolution and Christianity. Hmmm, then something of course must be wrong with your statement that Christians and Jews simply accept the story of Adam and Eve. Alot of Jews and Christians accept evolution. There is nothing within evolution which is incompatible with theism/Judaism/Christianity. It is incompatible with a literal reading of the Old Testament.

well my opinion that a lot of people think they’re mutually exclusive could come from the fact that i live in the most conservative anti-democratic traditional republican christian state in the us and i’m liberal. (shut UP abgrund)

God created man from the dust of the earth, and in His own image.

This statement indicates that some sort of a process (a change in a certain direction) was indeed utilized by God to transform dust into a living breathing human being. The question is…did that initial process take place over millions of years? As one who believes in God the Creator, and His Holy Word, I would have to say no. Genesis specifically identifies the morning and the evening of each day of creation. However, God is not limited by the space/time continuum of our universe. When we observe the results of His creation within the limits of our space/time continuum, we will surly have a skewed view.