Creationism, non-darwinism, and archeology - non darwinism,

Anyone interested, I hold these two videos in high regard.

I’m watching the non darwinism video and I can feel an irritating tickle … of smoke being blown up my ass …

You do realize that this is coming from ufotv, right?

Either it’s true or its not.
If you have disproof, please share it as much as you can.

Damnit V, what is written inside that creature?

I’d have to break the video down. And besides, how do we explain mysteries.

I did find it interesting, looking into the controversy, that Richard Dawkins said Milton was a closet (secret) creationist … which Milton denies.

I think it says something like “Oh shit, I’m eating my own tail.”

Dawkins says people who don’t believe in evolution are a disgrace to the human species.

These people really are. They have given up their ability to reason in the service of hatred or of those who would take advantage of others.

The evidence is so incredibly overwhelming and there are many, many sources of easily available explanations of evolution.