Criminal Romanticism And Anarchy

Successful criminals are the true ubermensches.

Having looked at the world and seeing it for the rigged game of tyranny that is everywhere the criminal in their defiance lashes out at the entire charade of the system.

The criminal understands that all isms are fake, pretentious, deceptive, and delusional where the only ism that they concern themselves with is the egoism of the self or the individual.

They’re the true anarchists unlike the fake politicized ones and the type of anarchy they will violently all on their own.


Well that is criminal romanticism, for sure.
Take the Mafia, these guys buy into all sorts of conspicuous consumption delusions - in specific also, caddilacs, for example, but I mean in general, they are nicely affected by advertisers. They are often religious, have very conservative ideas about sex - for women anyway, if not themselves - have a wide range of very strict social rules - I mean, very tightly organized, and do not fucking break these rules - and social customs that must be followed. And they sure as shit don’t Think capitalism is fake, Watch the way they react to communism when it is brought up as opposed to when capitalism is. Moving on to more lone wolf type criminals you still get as much codes, rules, habits, having been manipulated by media
as the average ‘civilian’.

But you’ve romantisized these people Before, you know JOker, back Before, is it twice now, you moved on and were never coming back, last time to youtube I Believe, because forums like this were passe. If it is passe to participate in these forums it has to be doubly passe to come back make the same assertions based on romantic ideas of people you, oddly, must have Little actual experience with. I mean, you were living a tough on the streets Life where you might actually have rubbed shoulders with a portion of the criminal class, who are bots just like most eveyrone else. But somehow the successful criminal, higher up the food chain, those guys are independent thinkers. Sure, they’re might be a few, but most of them are willing to take certain risks to make Money the way they do and become at least as conservative around ideas in Everything else.

But then you Think psychopaths are a step up in evolution, a compliment they would return by treating you in ways you would never treat a stranger who had not yet done you wrong.

EDIT: and note, by conservative, I do not mean ‘to the right’. I mean, normal, not radical. Doing and believing things that the average joe on the street Believes. They may be liberals or conservatives politically, not that this matters much. And since you tend to Believe the World of films and Think this is reality: Scarface is a good example of this. The Pacino version.

Shit… didnt even register he was Joker.

I merely mentioned your existence to a retired Command Sargent Major on a history site, and he began to doubt MY sanity…

So you moved from being a Max Stirner Anti-Semite to a Nietzschean advocating crime… a evolution, but is it up or down… honestly, I don’t know if thats better… more of a morally dubious lateral motion.

Good to see your not dead at least.

The one and only…

Although my new internet persona and archetype is this now.

Hmm…If I had to define myself now I would describe myself as an anarcho-capitalist/ individualist, nihilist, cynical pessimist, criminal entrepreneur, pirate, anti- semite, terrorist, sexist, and white preservationist. Yeah, I am sick of that whole white male disenfranchisement thing. I guess that makes me a way-cis.

My goal is to create a philosophy that caters all those labels and definitions into one nice little neat package. I consider myself an innovator on the final frontier of philosophy and existential thought or expression. :sunglasses:

That is before they make it all illegal… :-"

Individual anarchism and nihilism are very compatible. I still stand by my arguments on that.

Anti- semite? Well, let’s just say I’m tired of all the Zionist and Jewish bullshit.

Not yet. They keep finding ways to kill and destroy me where I keep coming back in finding ways to survive.

We’ll see which angle gains the upper hand over the other as time goes by…

Every time I come back I always become smarter and stronger. I’m quite the adapter.

There is a difference between anarchist capitalism and state/government sponsored capitalism.

The former has no centralized laws or rules where the other is guided by laws and rules centrally from a minority held monopoly.

Why would a criminal mafia uphold capitalism? I am not even sure that is entirely true what you’re positing.

Assuming you are correct in your assertions I would say it is probably due to the fact that organized crime is easier within a capitalistic framework rather than a socialist one which would be my best guess. The Russian mafia didn’t really begin to thrive until after the fall of the Soviet Union for instance. It has nothing to do with allegiances in so much as it has everything to do with criminal pragmatism. :laughing:

Rules are alright if you have a hand in creating them for yourself and other like minded people around you. It’s when you don’t have a hand in creating them where others use those rules to subjugate and oppress you that conflict arises.

Why a capitalist environment? It’s anti egalitarian nature I suppose. To be a criminal is the very expression of an anti egalitarian attitude.

Still, even the socialists have been tremendously horrific and at failure with their supposed egalitarian virtues. Equally tyrannical to capitalists.

This is why all government organizations are failures. It’s intentional because all different types of governments are masks for whatever prevailing oligarchy that exists at the time. To be a criminal is to be an unlawful individual fighting and insurrecting against the prevailing oligarchy which writes the laws.

You assert and protest too much Moreno for somebody that doesn’t know too much about me.

Why have I come back? Like a moth that is attracted to a flame I also am attracted to conflict which is why ILP is a mainstay for somebody like me.

In conflict, competition, struggle, and fierce battle we learn and find wisdom.

Why all the different accounts? I like to view it as my own personal individual evolution and transformation overtime. I’m always seeking to evolve and better myself mentally.

As in individualism there are all different kinds of psychopathy.

Does it take one, to know one Moreno? Laughs

Nope. Not even close.

I see film and literature through a Jungian perspective of archetypes or symbolic meanings.

When we look at art can we not find hidden deeper philosophical meanings?

Is not much of modern art propagandized filled with symbolic meaning?

Your misusing your intelligence in trying to build a Labyrinth in your mind that even you can’t escape… trying to feel empowered by constantly asserting in the fight or flight instinct when without safe harbor.

All these names, these ideas, these assertions are ultimately meaningless… if you don’t try to understand the people your trying to gain a reaction from… these so called sheeple, who are every bit as complex as you are.

The inherent purpose of the Cynic Diatribe… which you have the flair to flamboyance naturally in you, is divided in three verbally indistinct, subtly unfolding aspects that plays on the passerbyers thinking… a call to seek wisdom, to reexamine themselves, and a shock to warning.

A fool mistakes the bombastic rude rhetoric, the harshness of conditions, and the seeming depravity of survival as a reason to take the Cynic Diatribe as a meaningless menace. The wise, it chews at them, as the message grows… as it becomes more and more obvious as time goes by the statements were custom and prescriptive, and aims to strike a nerve that leads to a better life.

A Cynic lives for the good, and is good. We have little need for bad things, much less evil.

The only evil you have in your life is this Labyrinth your seeking to loose yourself in. Its all in your mind… the lessons learned cruelly from others, brutality and sense of isolation and despair. Pure hatred and evil from some, indifference from most.

Yes, in a instant, you can let go of these walls, let them fall to the ground. They are not real. They never can define you. Your much more than the inversion of the imago others have of these things. Its all a whirlwind game to exchange a emotion for another, and beat the world at its own game.

When the day finally come, when your tired of trying to outsmart yourself, demean by every unpleasant label… you’ll be on your way. Its learning how to turn those survival skills, what raw strength you have, into something that aids mankind instead of tripping it up is when you become a Cynic.

We lived similar lives. You dont have to do this to yourself. The common name you seek for all those philosophies… it is one word, Delusion. You know it to be true. Why continue the farce. A much stronger, bolder, challenging path lies ahead. Always being the first, always exploring deeper into human nature and abiding by the best in it, and unabashedly telling the truth.

That is Cynic Philosophy. Our philosophy is the generative root to all philosophy… be it civilized or feral. It is the very best of ambition, good works and knowing.

The alternative… this alter ego giving into pain and adding to it, its beneath a Cynic. We root that out of others. Its a habit mankind cannot afford.

As the title says ‘Romanticism’. We have a romantic. This has pluses and minuses, but so much of the ideal self is being created by films, ideas disconnected from the next Days struggle. Any professional criminals who are not doing occasional hard time - and I truly doubt Joker would do well in hard time - are organized, in Deep Control of their everyday lives. They may be romantics on the side, but they have the day to day grind of professional crime down. And their heroes are very likely not comic book/Movie characters. More likely mentors, or other very careful, highly skilled planners, like say architects.

It is not fucking real, Joker. Not for you, not now.

At least the Deniro character in Heat gives you a sense of these people, but the Movie does not show the day to day grind.

A misuse of intelligence? A moral postulation from Contra-Nietzsche?

There’s a right use of intelligence?

And who says I don’t understand them?

Do not think I am attached to these words. I am merely trying to describe some of my beliefs in linguistic form through words.

We can debate the linguistic meaning of words all day and it won’t get either one of us anywhere.

A genuine cynic like the nihilist understands that there is no good or evil.

A genuine cynic like the nihilist understands the absurdity of human existence and the meaninglessness of the universe. The universe in all reality is an empty vacuum where reality is whatever we will it to be but also within some set of physical limitations.

The history of cynicism was merely a stepping stone to later philosophical nihilism. Cynicism and nihilism compliment each other in many ways.

Evil doesn’t exist. Purely a fictional construct meant to control, manipulate, and exploit. Good and evil doesn’t exist. There is only the will to power.

If evil exists it is merely a manifestation of civilization and human society itself.

There is no mankind or humanity. There is no future as it is a construct of an overly imaginative mind. There is no destiny or final destination.

Do what?

All delusions are not equal, are they? If all of the world and existence is a giant delusion may the greater delusion prevail in competition against others.

The purely right path? My, my, you have truly strayed away, haven’t you Contra?

Truth? Who’s truth?

The best is achieved by ruthless will.

There is no good. There are a lot of people pretending to be good.

A genuine cynic understands the real meanings behind pain, suffering, and struggle.

You’re a romantic also Moreno. Your type of romanticism rests upon a just, equal, moral, and orderly world that will somehow reach a point of social equilibrium.

Whereas my social equilibrium rests upon disorder, chaos,immorality, inequality, entropy, and the unjust.

You’re trying to make me look like some sort of delusional mind here in this thread through a passive aggressive means. Don’t try to deny it and be coy.

Let’s lose all the pretensions here conversing.

The funny thing is that you can’t even see past your own delusions of an orderly world in your denial of things falling a part giving sway to entropy, destruction, and chaos.

I am merely the representation of entropy, chaos, and disorder to that social order you so preciously embrace. I am merely its antithesis.

It’s about time you step off of that high horse and lose the facade that you’re somehow better than me. You’re not the anointed.

Apparently it was lost on you of the Jungian component in how I interpret literature and cinema. Not at all surprised there.

Also, how do you know I haven’t already spent some time in a box? You don’t.

For the record, I can very easily separate fantasy from reality. Can you? Think seriously about that question before responding back.