Critical of moderation?

I’m thinking it would be an interesting idea to allow the membership to vote for a ban to a moderator for an appropriate cooling off period and perhaps allow them some time to consider their civility.

Why a moderator, why not any other member? What have you got against our mods?

You can complain to the admin about a mod. You can make a thread which proposes to ban a mod. You can make a poll where members can vote to ban a mod.

The administration is not going to agree that a vote is binding.

The concept of the Roman Republican Tribune, like in Duellius?

I think its better that we focus on understanding systemmatically how we are criticising, as a mechanistic system instead of ad hoc, based on our individual slights. I never have stood as the Anti-Moderator, merely the persecuter of the out of control tyrants seeking to do others in.

The sickness has been identified… bad moderators. Lets just be content in changing a few more out via election. Bad ones first, obviously.

And lets talk openly about how we criticize, and formalize it, identify when our so called good ideas on moderating succeed, and fail. In fairness to the mods, they should have a framework to rely on derived from our temperament of acceptability.

Without this, forum stays chaotic, and even a good mod is reduced to value judgment, taking sides on a he said, she said basis… people manipulate the mods all the time, playing ms innocent, or a complete jerk in another post… its stupid… but expected.

Savvy thing: more elections, and formalizing our point of view on the matter beyond just our individual selves. This means a synthesis of axiomatic assumptions into the nature of future posting.

I wouldn’t assume anything, I moved to put my own potential termination to public vote when I was Social Sciences Moderator, on one occasion.


Fun thread, actually.

Any call’s a bad call when one abates a heated discussion… being called a bad moderator due to asking for civility or remaining on-topic? Really :confused:

I change my mind, ban her now…

Alright guys…hug it out.