cross with christ?

Does any else think the cross with christ on it is a bad representation? Or is this just me?

I’m not sure.
Which cross with Jesus are you talking about, and what does it mean?

Suppose that your family’s enemies captured your father and brutally lynched him. How would it reflect on you, if, in commemoration of this event you took to wearing a little noose around your neck - or indeed a graphic depiction of your father, hanging dead from the tree, as a pretty necklace? What would this say to your father, who is in heaven, looking at the goings-on?

Until as late as the fourth-fifth century AD, Christ on the cross was always depicted “in glory” - that is, victorious, radiant and alive. The cross was here used as an ancient symbol of the reconciliation of worlds, it stood behind him in the runic sense, and not as a torture implement. The custom to depict, wear, and worship the limp corpse nailed to the cross is thus a relatively “modern” little invention, and it is certainly imbued with its own very distinct symbolic meaning.

You have a remarkable symbolic intuition on your side to navigate this confusion!


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