CRT & essentialist existentialism

I am all for critical race theory (as far as I understand it), except for the part where the word essentialism gets attached to racism, because essentialism has nothing to do with race outside that context. Please compare and contrast these two posts:

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You can be an essentialist (who also believes ethnicity is a social construct) and an existentialist about human nature at the same time, because an essentialist agrees that we must choose what it is in our nature to choose in order for it to be crystalized in our character/virtue.

That also means population statistics (the new racism/discrimination) do not necessarily doom/privilege us because we can (must!) choose. To say they necessarily doom or privilege us… and to direct funds away from or to where they are (not) needed because the stats are interpreted to make funds futile or effective… is a social construct. I’m not saying don’t be data-/evidence-based… I’m saying that the data can be an overlooked source of systemic discrimination, especially because those who work in statistics know how to fudge them for political purposes.

Essentialism is premised on permanent, unchanging, immutable characteristics that are immortal.

Existentialism is based on physics, meta-physics, science, and empiricism, and demonstrate that there is no such permanence of matter.

The two are incompatible. The former is explicitly ‘mystical’ and supernatural, positing the “existence of souls, spirits, sprites” and all other manners of magical creatures or divine forces.

You would prefer they be incompatible, but they are not. Open your ears.

Not my problem

Actually it is. You hear only what you want to hear, nihilating half the function of your ears.

Being British x European-mixed, I have no idea what CRT is/actually means… most Brits are oblivious to the phenomenon… it is not a global phenomenon, but mainly indicative to the US. Engineered, much!?


Critical race theory just asks questions about our assumptions about race, identity, and power structures. I had not been exposed to such invigorating exfoliation and testing of premises since I “deconstructed” my faith assumptions shortly after the turn of the millennium. That course was like applied philosophy Boot Camp. I loved it.

You explore stuff like:

Prof Albright’s Journal 1: How does race affect your identity (who you are)? How does race affect how you view yourself and/or how others view and treat you?

Second journal went into evolving human nature versus changing cultural constructs and what it implies about race/identity. For me it comes down to who is behaving as a Person?

Third journal expanded “thinking about race” to all in/out groups, and sifted good diversity from harmful diversity.

Fourth journal reviewed the relevance of a student-selected song from a provided playlist. I selected Prince’s “Dear Mr. Man”.

And there were two papers & a presentation, all of them on the readings. My first paper gave a good summary of my take on CRT. Second paper applied Nietzsche’s 3 metamorphoses to Hmong cultural transformation. Presentation introduced half of a review of a book of Hmong poetry with CRT focus.

There is good engineering that gets you to think twice before you tear down or build… applied/encouraged philosophy at its finest. Boots on the ground.

[size=85]Your post… tldr, but skimmed it.[/size]

The UK… been there done that, decades ago…

To the US… deal with your issues wisely and accordingly…

with fear and trembling

Is there -like- a strategy, or is CRT the strategy?

How is CRT supposed to effect change/work?

I used to work in the ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ Unit at the Department for Education as a Civil Servant, sharing best-practice in both the public and private sectors… racism was the least complained-about issue… bullying and harassment, being the most [mainly jealousy of the ‘bright young things’/'Private Office’s pets] so had to help resolve those Cases… amongst other Divisional responsibilities. Fun times! :open_mouth:

I left the Civil Service, for ad-land… only to get back into politics 10 years later.

Here’s my midterm (first) paper that sort of ends with the same thought (practical application) as the OP, but walks you there: … qkfAQ/edit

It’s the transcultural golden rule, in essence.

Well at least it’s not lengthy, so I’ll definitely give it a read.

America likes its civilians in constant-unrest… coz there’s money in it. How is CRT going to combat that phenomenon?

We can haggle about what our power structure prefers regarding unrest/docility, from whom, and why, but I won’t. The masters are just as enslaved as they enslave others.

We have to be conscientious objectors to unlawful/unjust orders, and self-legislators of just laws/orders (in line with self=other, us=them).

This is not necessarily going to be met with zero resistance. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s letter from a Birmingham jail…in communication with other pastors…and the response to peaceful protests…a good case study.

It is a radical peace. Good trouble.

But… wouldn’t it be better if those with influence recognized personhood without a person having to “riot” (if the person is otherwise following self=other)? This applies just as well to recognizing statehood…if the state is otherwise following us=them.

I’m really curious, did you ever read a John le Carré novel?

I think the guy is a communist dirtbag and more than likely a traitor, but definitely an observant one. I would be really curious to know if you feel his depictions of the British civil service in general are true to life in any way.

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…I’m about.

Real-life distractions had averted my attentions, elsewhere… the holidays are now over, so…

It seems to me that you got all wrapped up in the intentionally distracting arguments - designed to ensnare the pseudo-intellectuals - and completely missed the entire purpose and goal of CRT.

The purpose of CRT is to dehumanize people into easy to manipulate categorical groups wherein all people are identical - except for genetically flawed and unvirtuous white race — “focus on race - focus on race - focus on race - you know our enemy - focus on your race versus theirs. IGNORE meritocracy! Merit is irrelevant! It is ONLY about your RACE and their cunning attempts to stamp you out.”

It is entirely a socialist ploy to get - especially young and inexperienced - people consumed in a flood of pseudo-science (prejudiced statistics) factoids - all aimed at inspiring rage against the white race (note the black fist as their symbol) and everything associated with them (math, science, literature, engineering, business, economics – White Culture). It seems a part of the higher Great Reset project from the Klaus Schwab group.

Dispute it?

Well if that is the actual core of critical race theory, then critical race theory was not taught in the course that I took, although it did brush up against that concept—and replaced it with good stuff.

People who are in a position of privilege have a hard time hearing that the privileges they take for granted put other people in a position of lacking needed opportunities and resources. Nobody wants to hear that they got a head start that was not based SOLELY on their hard-earned skills and work ethic.

The 1% (or close) who think homelessness isn’t mostly due to historical and currently ramped up hoarding of resources and artificial shortages engineered to maintain demand profit across all sectors… are either lying or married-in oblivious.

For now.

Or much more likely - you got caught up in all of the gas lighting – such as this bit -

== total gas-lighting. You are to totally ignore WHY those “of privileged” became privileged. You are to accept the inference that WHITE PEOPLE are merely granted privilege because of the corrupt whiteness. When the many privileged black people tell you how dumb that is - you are to trigger with anger and loudly pronounce their traitorous whiteness and ban them from all social gathers and forums.

What ever you do - never - never - never accept that they became privileged due to their MERIT. And note that seeming all proponents of CRT are meritless over privileged con artists (such as that clown Beto O’Rourke) or inexperience liberal university programmed wokesters.

Homelessness is created to provide socialist dependency, control, and social corrosion - nothing else.