Cs-137 and the EOL-as-we-know-it

Cs-137 is the most devastating byproduct of the nuclear power generation process because it tends to concentrate in the soft tissue of higher level organisms, and slowly but surely chews them up from the inside out. Whosoever survives this process will surely not be able to reliably pass their genes along to future generations. This is completely different from external radiation that most people think about in relation to Geiger counters. This stuff just stays inside you and chews you up until you become cottage cheese.

Fuckushitme (you know what I mean) keeps spreading that stuff around the world like there is no tomorrow. This thing is like a gazillion Chernobyl’s rolled into one because there is no end to the geyser of the demonic particles that keep spewing into the ever-so-delicate ecosystem. You can’t stop them, the Pacific Ocean is pretty much already a parking lot, where it was literally brimming with life before that fateful day on 3/11/11.

When species die off faster than they are created, you have an EOL scenario. We humans are totally dependent on biodiversity, and collapse is in full effect.

There is no way to predict how anything will play out. All that we really know is that it is better to be in the Southern Hemisphere, and away from the currents that spread like tentacles from the east coast of the nation formerly known as Japan.

The “powers that be” know what is happening. Average people don’t suspect anything because of the massive amount of self-censorship that is happening everywhere in the mainstream media, as well as the secrecy laws that force the best and brightest minds to either shut up or get sent to the slammer.

But I am not here just to be a bearer of horrible news. I am also here to form a community of people who want to ACCEPT THE REALITY OF WHAT IS HAPPENING and LOVE EACH OTHER LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW.

Wars and famine will spread like wildfire, but this doesn’t mean that compassionate, far-sighted people can’t make the sweetest lemonade out of the sourest lemons! If it comes down to it, we can devise a “mass-exit strategy” that causes NO PAIN.

But there is hope for a very small minority of the population who can begin to establish outposts on the Moon, and eventually a new permanent civilization on Mars. It won’t be cheap or easy, but it’s really the only chance we have… unless Fuckushitme can be stopped… like YESTERDAY!!!

Just so you know, I am a known person, and I can get something started. It’s all really a matter of getting that first person to stand by my side come hell or high water. Once people see a group starting to form, then the LOVE will really start to roll downhill, and it WILL NOT BE STOPPED.

Just search for “the peace guy”… and you should find me!


Don’t you think it would be a good idea to “have a plan”?
And void of an explicit plan, don’t you think it unlikely that anyone would “join up”?

If you come up with a plan and would like to know what is wrong with it, get back to me. :sunglasses:

Fukushima happened, there were basically no consequences, so now nuclear power catastrophists have to make up insidious consequences that are even worse by virtue of the fact that nobody can tell if they actually exist or not.