Again I ask because you all are concentraiting on Coins for some reason

If i want to retire I buy ITEMA for 50$ and when im 50 I sell ITEMA for 50$ No Loss, No gain.

Currency in my opinion could be anything. The government controls all, and that which is behind all governments in my opinion is the devil himself (not being dogmatic).
It shows that the government controls all BECAUSE of currency. Man accepts everything the Govt. shoves at them. Why not take pens and say they are all of a sudden worth a lot of currency!? Heck you could use anything! Governments want you to have to use greenbacks to KEEP you under THEIR control. Render to Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s…

As far as I am concerned, we should all use platinum (i’ve played everquest, hehe)

this guy named Marx pretty much explianed the whole thing some time ago. in an unforgivingly hard to find book called ‘Das Kapital’.(relatively hard to find; most works that influenced civilization, government, society,…life as we know it are easier to pick up at your local library or bookstore.)