Danielou, Shiavism, and Crete

I am reading Danielou’s Shiva and Dionysus and he mentioned on page 8 off hand that the cretians had a religion very similar to the pre-vedic Shivaism of India.

This is news to me, both his idea they were similar as well as peaceful. I understand the academic mythos of a period of high steepe civilization, and also am well enough familiar enough with the occult alternative secret histories… not interested in either of that mystical agnosticism, or the silly little mazes the two lead you down. Does anyone actually know of comparisons done of.cretan civilization that offers sources, such as comparitive and archeological¿ Reason I ask is because alot of work has been dons to show Moses’ temple religion… that which our modern churches are descended from, was Cretian in terms of form and architecture. This gets me scratching my head, asking the obvious syllogistic paradox that is anathama Danielou’s generic theme of modern religions are a ignorant perversion that got it all wrong.

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Hello Contra
As you know this is not the first suggestion of such phenomenon. Thus Christianity is seen as “Paulinism” or some other degeneration. But it is a fallacy, I think, to assume that any X is something other than the tradition that brought it to us. There is therefore no real division between a posited original and the historical item. Before Paul, for example, was there anything we could liken to Christianity? Or to put it differently was Jesus himself a proponent of Christianity?
I am sure that Moses had some influence from the people from the sea, but his religion was conceptually unique in certain respects, otherwise it would be that other. The history of each religion is an advancement of differentiation, always becoming more and more what it’s unique concepts require.
You can see traces of local beliefs but narrated from the perspective of the distinct religion.

Yeah, very easy to prove christianity isnt Paulism, the Didachi is the oldedt text we got, and ironically is indicating there was already a schism in the church in 50-70 ad, as well that they couldnt give a damn as to what was happening abroad. Were largely the same religion as in this text, be it cstholic or orthodox. People just have crappy attitudes and need someone to scapegoat or target to credit their own ideas. Paul was a major christian, his influence undeniable… but he acted within a established christian outlook.

I honestly nevered cared the origin or evolution of rites as undermining legitimacy… I know its crucial for some approaching it geneologically or archeology wise… but this was never the M.O. of the Judeo-Christian god… he didnt much care the lineage, bona fide authority of transmission, save in the early stupid era just out the garden. None the less, the dionysian cretan angle is something I want to know from the minoan era. I know of the acrobats jumping over the bull… but thats not what hes celebrated for. His rites… dont seem something enticing to a island population. Hunting down and ripping a animal alive? Ummm… the parties… maybe.