Darwin & mel gibson


Say What?

Yep, those are some damn sexy men but what’s the point.

Worst thread ever!

Can we delete this thread?

Mel Gibson is HARDCORE christian, yet he is among the fittest, his charismatic nature in conjunction with his appeal to the christian culture makes him an appealing guy. His adaptation in the movie industry from things like Lethal Weapon to The Passion has made him a -very- rich man. Potential for ability to ‘survive’ could be measured in money in this case.

It’s ironic that such an anti christian theme… is prevelent in such a religiously rooted man. I’m guessing this is what DoL is getting at.

Or he could just be drunk or something…

Mel’s dad is a Holocaust denier…

Darwin isn’t anti-Christian. He considered his theories to be completely seperate from religion. Only Biblical literalists can’t handle Darwin. Also, social Darwinism is a theory that came about several years after Darwin’s death. Darwin was a Biologist with a theory. He wasn’t a sociologist and he didn’t mean to be anti-Christian. At least that’s my agument if that’s his point.

Meh… I’m waiting for DoL to tell us what the f’s goin on.

‘Social Darwinism’ is a pseudoconcept invented by reactionaries. It has literally no basis in proper sociological study.

I love DOL’s use of photos to make a point. I’m sure that he has some thoughts.

At first I thought it was going to be about big bushy beards.

and compare bushy beards to well shaved people? Perhaps.

I have no idea where this is going…

but I like the thread… very thought provoking. It’s almost hard -not- to formulate your own opinion about it… this is a trait severely missing from many threads.

Yeah yeah, we heard you the first time…