Darwinism versus design

These guys had some very interesting points to consider. We can’t attribute this to flat earth believers in order to pooh pooh design that go against the Darwinistic “proof”. That would be putting the cart before the horse.

This book is compelling. Let’s find the flaws: amazon.com/Darwins-Doubt-Ex … 297&sr=8-1

Makes sense!


Did you just reply to yourself that your own post makes sense?

I replied to the link that I gave. It makes sense!

So that’s your review of the book? Okay.

No. This was a calculation regarding what it would take for our world to come about by accident. It seems compelling. It has nothing to do with the book I posted. I listened to the author but I haven’t read his book yet.

Oh I see, the order of your words was a little bit misleading. I normally expect a comment like “makes sense” to follow the thing that makes sense, not come before it.

I gave a link. Nothing more. It was interesting to me. I thought it might be interesting to people here. The calculations (if they are correct) are self-explanatory. Don’t you think it’s a good thing to question when the proof is lacking? Darwin himself had doubts regarding his own theory. Or is questioning considered blasphemous because science says it’s already settled?

Yes, blasphemous. I’ve already recommended you for drawing and quartering to my local scientists guild. I hope for your sake that death is swift.

Thanks for the comic relief! lol :slight_smile: